Your duty is to sanctify yourself. Yes, even you. Who thinks that this task is only for priests and religious? To everyone, without exception, our Lord said: Be ye perfect, as my heavenly Father is perfect. St. Josemaria

Monday, December 21, 2009


Unborn- Caitlin Jane from Glen Elliott on Vimeo.

A friend share this with me and I just had to share it with you.. This one for you.. the unborn.. the forgotten ones... May We protect you, a fight for you... May God forgive us for the harm we let happen to you.. May God have Mercy on us!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Its a Winter Wonderland--in our Backyard!

We had a great fall of snow this weekend... Today it was a beautiful sunny day and we play out in the snow... I thought huh.. I bet we can use our deck as a small hill to go sliding... Sure enough it work out and we had a great time...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Its that time of year--Baking cookies

Our Annual.. Christmas Sugar Cookies..

Cookie Monster.. some how.. got one and just sat down to feast on it!

Friday, December 18, 2009

A Christmas Story "The Frozen Tongue"

Have you seen this Movie? It seems not many have.. this year there are two families friends that are getting their children BB guns.. I ask have you seen this yes and there other no.... Its a great movie, in its way! :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thankful Thursday---

We are very Thankful for my husband's job.. we had two weeks of unknown about his job and God at the moments is keeping us still.

We are very Thankful for our many friends who pray hard and strong so that God's will can be done with just joy and peace!

Life Is an Advent Season


"Life is a constant Advent season: we are continually waiting to become, to discover, to complete, to fulfill. Hope, struggle, fear, expectation and fulfillment are all part of our Advent experience.

"The world is not as just, not as loving, not as whole as we know it can and should be. But the coming of Christ and his presence among us—as one of us—give us reason to live in hope: that light will shatter the darkness, that we can be liberated from our fears and prejudices, that we are never alone or abandoned.

"May this Advent season be a time for bringing hope, transformation and fulfillment into the Advent of our lives."

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009

Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe

Getting ready to see the Face of Our Blessed Mother..
Our Lady of Guadalupe..
The children made "tissue roses", and each one a name is written of a person, family, friends and the forgotten ones.. the unborn children.. who live dangerously in the womb of many.
We offer these roses to Our Most Beautiful Mother..
May She protect them, and shower them with her roses.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, mystical rose, intercede for the Church, protect the Holy Father, help all who invoke you in their necessities. Since you are the ever Virgin Mary and Mother of the true God, obtain for us from your most holy Son the Grace of a firm faith and sure hope amid the bitterness of life, as well as an ardent love and the precious gift of final perseverance.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Beginning Again - Heroism

Well, I can't believe its been a week since I had post on something.. the truth, I don't care to post much lately.. Don't know what it is.. just not in the mood. And than that had me thinking about today's reading, which I read in this morning : In Conversation with God; Daily Meditiations, Advent, Christmas, Epiphany...
It hit me hard and maybe you can relate to it as well...
"Some people, for His sake, would not even rise from a place which is to their ease and liking, unless by their doing so the sweetness of God came to their mouths and hearts without their moving a step and mortifying themselves by losing any of their useless desires, consolations and pleasures. But until they leave these in order to seek Him, they will not find Him however much they cry to Him.(St.John of the Cross, Spiritual Canticle)
Ask ourselves how much we struggle against our own passions, defects, sins and bad inclinations. This struggle is a violence used to fight your own weaknesses and miseries, a fortitude which prevents you from camouflaging your own infidelities, a boldness to own up to the faith even when the environment is hostile.(St.Josemaria, Christ is passing by)
Doesn't that make you think of today's world. We catholic have more now than ever to own up to the Faith, Our Most Beautiful Faith since our Environment is Hostile.. and it is only going to get more hostile.
We finish here:
Today, as yesterday, heroism is expected of the Christian, a heroism in great struggles, if the need arises. Normally, however the heroism will be in the little skirmishes of each day. (St.Josemaria, Christ is passing by)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Death--and Life--

" A Christian should think about death; he should serenely meditate on this truth until he is quite familiar with it; he should learn to treat death as a sister full of light and experience, who can give him sound, disinterested advice."

" Remembering death also gives us a wonderful sense of detachment, for it teaches us how to renounce the things of the earth. When we think, in the light of death, about our life and things around us, we discover the great wisdom contained in knowing how to live as someone
" who has nothing yet possesses everything" (2 Cor 6:10)."

Last Sunday, my husband was talking to his family from Mexico and was taken by quite a surprise by the story told about his only sister..

You see, the Sunday before hand.. she was traveling back home for a long trip.. a travel that isn't quite safe.. lonely roads, curves ...

The Cell phone rings... she moves to pick it up and loses control of the car..

It goes through the metal bars.. it does flips and flips in the air on the ground,

just like a ball going down a hill..


The car lands up right..

A trooper saw the whole thing.. runs to her and helps her out of her car..

Again.. helps her out of her car..

How is that possible? No scratches.. Nothing..

The Trooper says..

"Do you believe in God? I can't believe that you survive that.. I saw it all and I was for sure thought you had die.."

She says..

"I started to pray to my Dear God to please protect me.."

"I felt that there was this great bubble around me and I felt nothing.."

I believe it was for sure her Guardian Angel hugging her tight..

"Our Life is always short, like that of a "wild flower" (Ps 102:15), the Scriptures say, and like a shadow it passes fleetingly (cf.Wis 2:5).

What use are you and I making of this short life, this little time we have to live here below? If the end came for us now, would we be satisfied with the use we had made of our time and of the gifts we received from God?

" Let us live intensely, with a holy desire to make good use of time and of all the opportunities we get to sanctify ourselves, let us try to give every minute of our life an echo of eternity."

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Giving Thanks..34 Reasons Why

Today is another day another year, my birthday.. I will give thanks for 34 things..(one for each year)

O give thanks unto the Lord, for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.
— Psalms 107.1

1. My Merciful God

2. My beloved Husband who is loving and forgiving.

3. My oldest daughter for she always wants to snuggle.

4. My Son.. he is always either laughing or crying.. He shows his true emotions.

5. My Blondie.. she is always making me laugh with her big girl attitude!!

6. For my curely sue, who is just too cute.

7. For my Faith that is always there no matter what I feel or think.. She stands tall in this world of darkness.

8. For Confession and the beauty of the Holy Mass.
(where else can you see love in action)

9. Books.. great books, kids books, cooking books.
To those authors who took a chance wrote great words to pass on for generations.

10. Violin Music.. all great music.. for moving my soul for the yawning for Heaven.

11. Internet.. for bring friends from world wide , who share a common love for Our Faith and the good of mankind.

12. Our home, with great space that we are able to
invite dear friends over to help us on our journey to Heaven
why having a drink or two and some great food.

13. Friends.. in making life more enjoyable from being away from family.
For letting us be us and forgiving us for being us..
for their children that bring great joy to ours.

14. My Husband Job.. for his hard work and his vocation ..

15. The freedom (at the moment) to home educated my children in matters of faith and world.

16. Our Car.. able to carry safely our family to destinations ..

17. EWTN... being able to bring fourth great shows and thoughts of our faith.

18. Heat/Air... the comfort of those goes a long way.

19. Dishwasher-- no more needed on that.

20. 4 Seasons-- helps to understand the seasons on our own lives..

21. PC - to be able to do many things on here and print out without leaving my home is priceless.

22. My Neighbors-- great people who love our children and
bring over a glass a wine when its needed.

24. Wine-- aww life is good with some great wine!

25. My sisters-- to have those two ladies as to share what women go through with unconditional love and forgiveness.

26. My brothers-- even thou they are wrong on few issues..
they have shown me the great love for FOOTBALL.

27. Football-- I know some think grateful for this but.. you see on Sundays..when a family gets together and has a common ground to cheer for.. some how it brings you together!

29. Drive Thru Banks -- don't know what great pleasure is this when you don't have to bring down 4 children.

30. Supermarket - where else can you get everything under one store (when in Florida you can get wine and beer)

31. Facebook - its such a blessing to see friends you haven't heard or seen for almost 14 to 10 years..

32. Our Country

33. The Grill - my dear husband favorite toy is also mine .. since I don't have to cook its great!!

34. LIFE - Once again.. I Thank God for my life!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

May God Forgive us!

(Sadly this is not a Joke)

Use the the Purity Communion Host Dispensers during the cold and flu season to prevent the passing of germs or use it all year long to reduce the cost, time and personnel needed to provide communion by as much as 50 percent.

The Purity Communion Host Dispenser is capable of dispensing communion hosts and is small enough to be used by clergy to provide communion when visiting homes, hospitals, senior living and care centers. It can also be used in the field by military chaplains.

Most recipients prefer to receive communion from clergy. Reducing the time and personnel needed to provide communion will allow clergy to provide communion to the entire congregation.

I have no words just tears after I came across this from another blogger, The Crescat . How far is the Catholic Church American going to go? When will Rome put a stop to this? I wonder when will God end it all!
I am sad today and I sorry for this post but it shows us that our prayers are much needed more and more and our sacrifice is needed daily at all time!
Please, My Lord, forgive me for the lack of love and faith in the
Most Holy Body and Blood.
Lord, Have Mercy on us and the Whole World.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

St. Cecilia --My Patron Saint

St. Austin teaches that
"Music is useful in moving piously the mind and kindling the affections of divine love."

Friday, November 20, 2009

Food for Thought Friday

Well it seems that my theme is still on this Call to Holiness...It seems so out there so unreal but its not...its closer than we think. At times we can smell it, almost feel it, well actually can do so especially if you are a mother.. your holiness is in your cooking, cleaning, your touch on your children, on your home and in your heart.

" When my friend, are you going to lose your fear of holiness? When are you going to convince yourself that our Lord wants you to be a SAINT? Whatever your circumstances, whatever your job is, no matter what age you are or your physical condition, independent of your activities and your social position, if you are a Christian, Our Lord wants you to be holy, to be a SAINT!

"be perfect, as your heavenly father is perfect"..Mt 5:48

Jesus addressed these words to everyone, to each he proposed the same goal. There are different ways, because there are many different mansions in the Father's house, but the goal the aim is one and the same for all Christians..-- HOLINESS"

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Domestic Must Haves!!

Well.. Being the homemaker that I am.. Not really... I honestly wish that at the high school that I went they had such a class..

But anyways.. there are few things that I love to have in the my home.

1. A timer.. its my best friend and I have about 4 of them throughout the house.. No one can get mad at a timer .. it just beeps.. more time out.. no more computer.. your time is up.. time to stop reading (it works for those children that love to read and read yet time to work on lets say Math is a big nooooooooo) You get the idea.. it helps run things a bit smooth!!

2. Crock pot.. Don't need to say anything else on that! Right.. who doesn't love the smell of the food cooking throughout the day and you all had to do is everything in the pot and hit.. COOK!! Love it.. especially on raining days..

3. Pressure Cooker.. I don't think many people have one of those as much as everyone has a crock pot... Its a great favorite.. for I can never remember to soak those beans the night before but I can cook some great black beans, red beans for those Chillis (in the crock pot).. I grew up this in my home and its a great tool to have ..

4. Laundry baskets.. 1 per child.. Ok.. so laundry is not my thing.. it just piles and piles and than I fold all of those cute kids clothes and when I need something (b/c it takes me another day to put it away!!) is always at the bottom.. right.. well.. I bought 4 baskets (4 kids for now) at Dollar Tree, all gray, all just $1.. I tied different color ribbon for each child and hot glue (don't you love a hot glue!!) the ends together.. BAM!! Every clothes goes folded in each child's very own basket.. they take the basket up to their rooms and do their best to but it away!! is good!

5. I keep cleaning supplies for the bathroom under each sink.. that's 3 bathrooms, that's 3 pile of cleaning supplies.. why.. I'm just lazy that's all.. it makes me clean those bathroom.. right when I am in the mood (never but I force the mood.. you know). Oh.. I also have dust cleaner/ rag on each floor of the house.. that's 3 floor 3 dust/cleaners.. why? lazy to go up to the main floor to get it and lazy to take it downstairs.. I guess.. maybe its not lazy but just its a crazy place here.. I bet you know what I mean.. I am very forgetful person.

There are so many more little things here and there but that's all I can think of as now..
Who says a women can't run the world.. If we can run the house somewhat smooth.. we can rule the world.. don't you agree..

Please share your few Domestic must have for it is through the examples of you great ladies out there that I have improve in my
vocation of Motherhood.
May Our Blessed Mother protect, bless and you love you always.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Charity That Should Stay At Home!

This Sunday, the USCCB will ask you to give your hard-earned money to the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, a charitable fund which has in the past been used to fund anti-life, pro-homosexual and pro-prostitution groups.

As Catholics, we should always give alms to the less fortunate – but we should ensure our money is being spent responsibly and never on moral evils such as contraception, abortion, or the promotion of the homosexual agenda.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Madness Monday

Madness meaning ;
Serious mental illness or disorder impairing a person's capacity to function normally and safely:

Madness..why do I have a hard time believing this meaning of madness?

When I am told by the "World".. its madness to have more than 2 children, its madness to educate your own children, its madness to believe that a piece of bread and some wine can be the Body and Blood of Son of God.

the King of Kings.. ..

I'm really mental ill?

(can't really ask my sister, she might answer yes..)

Can it be that my faith and my love for Christ has impaired my capacity to function normally and safely?

I believe that I function normally, live in a home, cook, clean, sleep, read, play.. etc... etc..

Safely.. You can't live unsafe with a husband that works for company that Safety is #1

I don't do drugs, get drunk , ride motorbike, skydive, rock climbing, swim with sharks..

Yet.. to many people this idea of having 4 children or wanting more, this idea that to educate my jewels at home instead of the real world, to pray to a God, believe in Angels and Miracles and to

Worship the Body and Blood of A God is

totally Madness..

Huh.. than I guess I am..

Now how do I tell that to my children...

Friday, November 13, 2009

Food for Thought Friday

"It doesn't matter what age you are; it doesn't matter what your position is or what your circumstances are or who you are; you have to CONVINCE yourself, COMMIT yourself, and DESIRE holiness.. You well know that holiness does not consist in extraordinary graces received in prayer or unbearable mortification and penance; nor is it the inheritance only of those who live in lonely oases, far from the world..

HOLINESS consist in faithful and loving fulfillment of ONE'S DUTIES, in joyful and humble acceptance of God's will, in union with HIM in your everyday work, in knowing how to fuse religion and life into a fruitful and harmonious unity and in all sorts of other ordinary little things you know so well.

This path seems...

The path is SIMPLE and CLEAR.

CONVINCE yourself..


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Please Remember Me

Thank you..for you have done to keep me safe in my home, in my country, with my children ..thank you for not looking back one day and looking towards our future as a great nation that we are.. to bring freedom to those who never dream of it.. and to protect our freedom even if we don't deserve it. May God protect you! Thank you.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

La Loca de la Casa

Would you choose a madwoman as an adviser on the most delicate problems of your life?

This madwoman will confuse us with her fussing and distract uswith her chatter.. she injects us with her various fears and makes us apprehensive.. she whispers her baseless suspicion in our ears, tyrannizes over us with her ambition, and infects us with her envy. This madwoman makes us walk away from reality, leading us into a dreamworld, full of elation or pessimism; subtly she feeds us with the poison of sensuality and self-love. She is we know from experience- the great enemy of our interior life, she is the eternally ally of the world, the flesh and the devil. It is she who disturbs your prayer life and makes you fear mortification; who introduces into your soul the temptation of the flesh and of pride, who gives you a false idea of God and deprives you of a supernatural outlook, who lulls you asleep with frivolities or drowns you in the lethargy of lukewarmness, who puts out the flame of charity or kindles the flame of distrust and discord.

This madwoman is the imagination and how often we choose her, more or less consciously, as our adviser in the most delicate problems of our SOUL.

Highly recommend this book.. great short meditations that Father presents in simple and clear phrases a practical way to deal with the key points of common spiritual struggle. He reflects the insights of St.Josemaria Escriva.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Favorite Films on Fridays
Our Great Friend JMJ.. has this new ..
Favorite Films on Fridays..

Want to join us on Fridays? Copy the Movie Marquee and link back to me and we'll share some of our Favorite Films of Fridays.
Awww ...Emma...
I just enjoy these types of movies especially after reading the book.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Christmas Card Needed ASAP

Christmas will be upon on us so soon.. Yet for one little 5 year old boy .. it never come again...Please take a moment and have your children or yourself make a card for this little boy that has been fighting with Neuroblastoma cancer for 2 1/1 years and its at the end of the fight. Their family is going to celebrate Christmas next weekend and Noah..loves receiving Christmas cards..

Please take a minute to make this a very

Merry Christmas for this brave young man.

The address is:

Noah Biorkman 1141 Fountain View Circle South Lyon, MI 48178
May the Love of Christ Shine.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

In Honor of the Saints~~

In the Honor of Our Great Saints..
We are having Saint Hair Bow Giveaway!

Last Month St. Teresa's Giveaway was a great success as we had two winners..
Here is another chance to win another Saint Bow!

with your favorite saint for chance to win.

We will pick one winner a week for the month of November in Honor of All Those who lived great heroic lives
for the love of Our Church!

"Trying to make a difference in the world one bow at a time."
visit us at

Become a Fan of Our Facebook Page!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

1440 minutes a day for LOVE!

Once again the everyday living takes a toll.. the washing of the clothes, the cleaning of the bathroom, the changes of diapers, the washing of the dishes, the sweeping, and it just goes and goes.. and this everyday.. 365 days a year

This is without those moments you have to do errands, teach children to clean up after themselves, you own eating, showers, making of beds..and just seems there is no end to this madness

But I know that we can turn this madness into the most glorious love of all... Love for God. This is one of the main reasons why I love our dear friend.. JoseMaria... He gives us the knowledge and wisdom to use all those moments.. all of those little things.. that no one sees or even cares.. no one that is besides the most important person.. God himself

I know that this might sound nuts.. but the other day as I was cleaning the toilet.. as it was flushing away the water.. I thought that one is for those souls that don't know or feel HIS LOVE. When I was folding the 1000 socks without pairs.. I thought how many are without God..

There are days that you have 10 mins. if you are lucky of some what a peace time to pray or read something spiritual and BAM.. its gone but you have 1440 minutes in a day that you have to offer your love to God for the salvation of souls and the whole world...WOW..that is powerful.. I just hope to recall that every time a child needs this or that.. when you need to do A , B and C just before you forget ! Or stop writing this to go to a needed child or two.

But that's it folks.. That is what God has given me to find my holiness .. my way of life.. Loving HIM in all little things of this day.. to rest those few hours to start over again with 1440 minutes a day to love HIM again

May the Love of Christ bring fourths your holiness!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Favorite Films Fridays-- Immortal Beloved

Favorite Films on Fridays
Our Great Friend JMJ.. has this new ..
Favorite Films on Fridays..

Want to join us on Fridays? Copy the Movie Marquee and link back to me and we'll share some of our Favorite Films of Fridays.
Below is one of the my favorite..

Favorite Films of Fridays

With God.. All is Possible

This is amazing.. One thinks that it has to be a certain person to play music or to be great leader.. that need to have it all.. but its in these Children that God seeks his kingdom and who are extraordinary.. to show them all the Face of God on earth ..

I am always telling my daugther over and over.. nothing in Life is easy.. but God's love is so and with His love for us.. we can do the impossible..

But What I like most about this.. the street player..

Don't you see the Face of Christ?

Monday, October 19, 2009

–“May the Passion of Christ be always in our hearts”–

Today is the feast day of St. Paul of the Cross...I never knew of him until 6 years ago today.. I always felt the Passion of Christ.. at the lost of our son.. Pablo de La Cruz.. Yes.. nothing in the world perpares you for the lost of a child but only the Passion of Christ perpares you for the rest of your life to live with that lost.

There is a great day to read about him but I found the following ....

In 1714 a young northern Italian, Paul Danei, had a striking experience of God. It happened during an ordinary sermon in an ordinary church, preached by an unknown parish priest. "Go, sell all you have and come follow me." A sense of God and a desire to serve him filled his heart. Over the years, the experience grew, and it centered on the Passion of Jesus Christ. From the sermon he heard in church, the young man gained a life-long respect for preaching. In his early years he taught catechism in churches near his home; later he became a powerful preacher of God’s word.

The Danei’s were a devout Catholic family. Large families were not unusual then. They had 16 children; Paul was the second child, born in the town of Ovada, January 3, 1694. Only 6 children survived into their adult years; the majority died as infants. So Paul Danei became acquainted early on with the mystery of death, and from his mother especially, he learned to see it through the lens of the Passion of Christ.

Anna Maria was blessed with a deep devotion to the Passion of Jesus Christ; meditating on the Passion of Christ every day. So her children, especially Paul and John Baptist, were given an early introduction to the Passion of Jesus Christ. It is understandable that the Passion of Christ dominated Paul's spirituality.

It didn't hurt either that she wasted no opportunity to admonish Paul, in order to stimulate him to virtue, by pointing out the sufferings of Christ.

Two examples:

In times of pain or discomfort, she would show Paul the crucifix (which I'm sure was always handy and available) and say; "See how much he has suffered for you."

Or, when she would try to unravel his curly hair (and Paul probably crying about it), would point to the crucifix and say: "See the crown of thorns on his head?"

“We are aware that the passion of Christ continues in this world until he comes in glory; therefore, we share in the joys and sorrows of our contemporaries as we journey through life towards our Father. We wish to share in the distress of all, especially the poor and neglected; we seek to offer them comfort and to relieve the burden of their sorrow.

"The power of the cross, which is the wisdom of God, gives us strength to discern and remove the causes of human suffering.”

“The world is sliding into a forgetfulness of the most bitter sufferings lovingly endured by Jesus Christ our true good,” he said.

The Passionists

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Priestly Thursday...Il Prete Rosso, "The Red Priest",

In 1703 Vivaldi became a priest, soon nicknamed Il Prete Rosso, "The Red Priest", probably because of his red hair. In 1704 he was given a dispensation from celebrating the Holy Mass because of his ill-health (he suffered from asthma), and became a violin teacher at an orphanage for girls called Ospedale della Pietà in Venice. The orphans little after started to gain appreciation and esteem, abroad too; Vivaldi wrote for them most of his concertos, cantate and sacred music. In 1705 the first collection (raccolta) of his works was published. Many others would follow. At the orphanage he covered several different duties, with the only interruption for his many travels, and in 1713 became responsible for the musical activity of the institute. He was indeed a prolific composer.

We praise thee, we bless the, we worship thee, we glorify thee..

Monday, October 12, 2009

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Celebrating Feast Days with little hands!

For the Feast of the Guardian Angel, I had found these wooden Angels at the Dollar Tree (thank God for this place) and so they painted them and We put the Guardian Angel prayer on one side and the St. Michael prayer on the other side.
We made this angel food cake, which is harder than I thought. My husband says it looks more like a fallen angel.. But when you add ice cream and strawberries.. it all taste good!

For the Feast of St. Francis , besides those great wolf cookies,
we have been working on our
St. Francis Bird feeder..
We painted it (hah..that was too much fun..) and than we
took St. Francis Peace Prayer and a picture of
St.Francis with Birds and sealed it on the feeder.

Last but not least, yesterday..

Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary,
we made our candy rosary, and are making our Rosary book. (I will share pictures once we are done!)

We used roses and heart candy mold..
It was a great deal of fun..
(we haven't eaten any of the candy just
yet we are trying to hold off for Little Flowers on Friday!.ha..)