Your duty is to sanctify yourself. Yes, even you. Who thinks that this task is only for priests and religious? To everyone, without exception, our Lord said: Be ye perfect, as my heavenly Father is perfect. St. Josemaria

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Trainboy's great imagnation.

Here is trainboy using Princess
Girl's crayon as train tracks. His love for trains just seems to go and go. Maybe he will have a career in Trains? or be a Priest who travels on trains? A good family friend Priest , Father Chris, he studied how to make maps for that is what he loved and now he is a Priest with maps!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Scared Heart of Jesus

"And He showed me that it was His great desire of being loved by men and of withdrawing them from the path of ruin into which Satan hurls such crowds of them, that made Him form the design of manifesting His Heart to men, with all the treasures of love, of mercy, of grace, of sanctification and salvation which it contains, in order that those who desire to render Him and procure for Him all the honor and love possible, might themselves be abundantly enriched with those divine treasures of which this Heart is the source." St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

How beautiful is this devotion to Our Beloved Lord!.. Sweet Scared Heart of Jesus. You wonder how much Christ has asked one to suffer for Him. I learned on Friday.. on His Feast of Scared Heart of Jesus , by personal experiences how to learn to suffer with Love for Him. I took the children to mass at a beautiful church on this sweet day. I thought, I need His mercy and love today. Well.. let just say didn't come out as sweet as I would of liked! Trainboy and Blondie were having a few moments that would make anyone want to just leave.. We did go outside few times during the mass to show Trainboy that we are at mass and how to behave.. Given that he is only 2yrs old but its not excuse to let them run lose at Mass. Honestly, I really didn't think we were so loud or making too much trouble for others..

But as we were leaving the church after mass, I was stop by a Nun who had inform me that We had ruin the mass for everyone, especially on this Special Day, that we should of just left long time ago and maybe its not the place for us at the moment.

Let me tell you that its not what I thought she was going to tell me. I never felt my heart ache than that one moment! I honestly thought that I really ruin the Mass and I had asked Jesus to forgive me for doing this on His special day. But as my good friends told me... that no one can ruin a Mass for its a Mass...

I believe that the Nun meant well (somehow), but maybe it was Christ who wanted me to have a small sense of His suffering to be able to understand that He has suffer and will suffer always for our love and how many times have we turn our backs on Him.. How many times have we ruin that perfect moment of devotion by thinking of worldly things?

Thursday, May 29, 2008

"Love, Hope and Charity"

Last evening, we went to Holy Spirit, were they have the statue of Our Lady Queen of Peace, for a rosary event held by the Knights of Columbus for the portrait of Our Lady of Charity. It was just so beautiful! The weather couldn't get any more perfect! It started in the church, with Readings, Gospel and Homily.

Father Nolan is giving a little history on Our Lady of Charity and this event. Then we process outside while saying the Holy Rosary.

We had the children dress in the colors of Cuba (red,blue,& white), as Our Lady of Charity is patron of Cuba and my family being from Cuba it was a very meaningful event for us! I had wish that my husband and my family were with us.

We are working on Trainboy and how to properly use a rosary, its not easy. Blondie was a bit moody and PrincessGirl just looking so sweet. She really loved being there but she had wish her Papa was with us! (So did I)

Trainboy looking at the Knights as they are processing out. I just wonder what is going on in that little head? I pray that one day all of this will be ingrain in his heart as well in his mind and have a deep love for his faith... Only by the Grace of the Holy Spirit!
Bring flowers and Children's smile to Our Lady. (Blondie didn't want nothing to do with this photo.. still moody)

As we left, PrincessGirl gives a kiss on Our Lady's feet, how humble to be a child with such faith and love.
"Before God, who is eternal, you are much more a child than, before you, the tiniest toddler.And besides being a child, you are a child of God. — Don't forget it." St.Josemaria The Way #860

‘Habitat for Humanity’

Well, Its late. I usually don't sleep well when my husband is out of town and more out of the country. I was just going to turn off the computer but I had to check my email to see if my love has left me a note or so (its 2pm in Korea) but I found an email from my sister... It was so upsetting.. that I had to post it. I know that I would be thinking about this all night, I might as well post it now!

The title of this article from goes like this "Christian Ministry ‘Habitat for Humanity’ Agrees to Work with Abortion Giant Planned Parenthood". For the full article go you can find it at This just doesn't make any sense... How does Habitat for HUMANITY... can work with or even answer a phone call from a place that kills HUMANITY? Isn't the devil good? Good for hiding the truth , blinding the people.. stealing our hearts, our souls.. our children! I just don't see anyone reading this and not getting upset and maybe a bit discourage.. at what? that it just seems that we can't win..

But than I think of what Abraham Lincoln once said..
"The probability that we may fall in the struggle ought not to deter us from the support of a cause we believe to be just; it shall not deter me."

or can you imagine if one of these politicians running for office would be quoted on saying this just as Lincoln had said...

"Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves; and, under a just God, can not long retain it."

We may fall in this struggle here or there.. but we know to be a just cause and we will flight to the end so that every child.. every unborn will have the freedom to live...

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. (Genesis 1:27).
For this reason I bow my knees before the Father, from whom every family in heaven and on earth is named, (Ephesians 3:14,15, RSV).
Majestic Heavenly Father! Father of all People! Who makes all peoples in Your image, so that the glory of God is evident in the faces of your little ones, whose angels continually look to You- (Matt. 18:10)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

One child policy suspended in China... just for victims

"I am the mother of fair love, and of fear, and of knowledge and of holy hope."

Our Lady of China appeared near Peiping. It stands in a village named Tong Lu. A Poor Mission was started there by the Vincentian Fathers. During a riot by ten thousands soldiers who started to shoot into the sky suddenly they fled, frightened and never came back. A woman in white appeared above the settlement, and the rioters' bullets were aimed at her. When the apparition did not fade, attackers had not even time to reorganize because a strange horseman put them to flight. Father Wu, a Chinese priest, confessed to his flock that he invoked the help of Mary. A new church was built on the site. The image of the Blessed Virgin in the royal robes of the pagan Empress, with the Christ Child on her knees, is vivid expression of Chinese tradition. The church was completely destroyed recently by the Chinese Communists, but the picture of Our Lady of China remains intact because only a copy of the picture was used in the church. The original was hidden in the wall behind the copy, and this was recovered and found intact. It is now in possession of Chinese priests who carry out their activities in disguise.

What a story! However,how sad is the stage of China!I read today in the CNA News how China to revise the one-child policy due to the Quake that took 65,000 lives, mostly children. stated in the article..."But this will not be possible for most of the couples who have lost children to the quake, regardless of what the government policy is. Most women of childbearing age have been sterilized, or their spouses have been sterilized. Unless the government begins offering free tubal ligation and vasectomy reversals to these poor people, there will be no more children."

What will happen to China? Or those other countries in Europe? What will be their future? I wonder sometime, why we buy so much from China, a communist country that does such horrible things to their own people yet a country so close by such as Cuba we will not give them a day in the light of imports. It just doesn't make sense but than again... does politics every make sense?

May Our Lady of China and Her Beloved Son have mercy on us!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

On A Trip to Korea!

Today my husband went off on a week trip to Korean for Business. He has had his share of Business Trips but nothing this far away. Its really a bit scary to be off to a country that you have no clue, don't know the language, or the customs. But I think we are more scare that there will be no easy way to communicate and as one's imagination gets the best of you, you just start thinking of many things that can go wrong! That is when one's faith has to come to play, to have faith and believe that Our Lady will protect him and that God's will be done.

Doing some search, I came across Our Lady of Naju in South Korean.
Who has for a total of 700 days between June 85 to Jan. 92 , she has shed tears of blood. Samples of the blood was taken and found to be human blood. The statue has shed her tears in front of John Paul the Great during a mass in his private chapel. The link before will give you more information on this amazing story.

From Her message on July 18 1985 :
Spread the fire of love that is flaming up in my Heart. The fire of love . . .
I want you to be happy. A husband and a wife are joined together so that they may lead a happy life. But my Son becomes broken-hearted when they hate each other and do not forgive each other. You must love one another. Who are your closest neighbors? How can you say that you love me and love the Lord when you cannot even love those in your family? Sanctify your family through love and harmony. This is what my Son Jesus thirsts for.
Our Lady of Naju, Pray for us!
Bring our Beloved Husband back home safe!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Corpus Christi procession..

" The Corpus Christi procession makes Christ present in towns and cities throughout the world. But his presence cannot be limited to just one day, a noise you hear and then forget. It should remind us that we have to discover our Lord in our ordinary everyday activity. Side by side with this solemn procession, there is the simple, silent procession of the ordinary life of each Christian. He is a man among men, who by good fortune has received the faith and the divine commission to act so that he renews the message of our Lord on earth. We are not without defects; we make mistakes and commit sins. But God is with us and we must make ourselves ready to be used by him, so that he can continue to walk among men." St. JoseMaria, Christ Is Passing By, 156

On Sunday, we went to St. Hewigs, a beautiful church downtown for the feast of Corpus Christi, it was the only Church in our area that was doing a procession with 3 alters outside for this Beautiful feast! It was very beautiful and moving. Thu, there were very few families attending such a beautiful tradition and expression of ones true love... Our Lord!

One of the alters outside in front of Our Blessed Mother.
Bring Our Lord back home into the church!

Here father is carrying the Most Blessed Lord being protected.

Here is Princess Girl and Trainboy looking on during the stop at the alter of Our Lady.

The children getting ready for the procession of Corpus Christi! It sure was a beautiful day with the blue sky and cool weather!

Its a Mexican tradition that children dress in custom outfits that you would see for the

Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

First Shrine dedicated to Our Blessed Mother in USA is...

Our Lady of La Leche is the first shrine dedicated to Our Blessed Mother in the United States. The history of the devotion to the Mother of Jesus as Our Lady of La Leche may have roots in a 4th Century grotto in Bethlehem. To this day the Franciscan community maintains a shrine there called the Milk Grotto. Its centerpiece is the Blessed Virgin nursing the infant Jesus. Many believe that the crusaders brought the devotion to Mary as a nursing mother to Spain in the Middle Ages. During the reign of Phillip III in Spain, word spread of a nobleman’s wife and baby, expected to die during the birth of the child, who were both spared as a result of the intercession of Nuestra Senora de la Leche y buen parto (Our Lady of the Milk and Happy Delivery). The statue, in possession of the nobleman, soon found a place in the hearts of many throughout Spain. By the early 1600’s the devotion, under the title of Nuestra Senora de la Leche y buen parto, had a special place in the lives of the Spanish settlers and the converted Native People in St. Augustine. It was on these same Mission grounds that the Spanish built the first Marian Shrine in the land, a devotion that continues to this present day.

Prayer for Motherhood:
Lovely Lady of La Leche, most loving mother of the Child Jesus, and my mother, listen to my humble prayer. Your motherly heart knows my every wish, my every need. To you only, His spotless Virgin Mother, has your Divine Son given to understand the sentiments which fill my soul. Yours was the sacred privilege of being the Mother of the Savior. Intercede with him now, my loving Mother, that, in accordance with His will, I may become the mother of other children of our heavenly Father. This I ask, O Lady of La Leche, in the Name of your Divine Son, My Lord and Redeemer. Amen.

We went to visit this Shrine on our way down to Florida in Dec. of 05 with Princess Girl and TrainBoy was only 4 months about 20 pounds all on breast milk! I gave thanks to Our Lady of La Leche for giving me the greatest gift after motherhood and that is able to nurse our children! Many are not so blessed but they are still great mothers and I admire them for doing their best in trying and offering that up to Christ because they do suffer. Look at TrainBoy's checks... They sure do grow so fast!
Have a Blessed Saturday in Honor of Our Most Beautiful Mother!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Our Lady of Charity-Partron saint of CUBA

In our community, The Knights of Columbus will hold a Marian hour May 28th to pay final homage to a painting of Our Lady of Charity, patron saint of Cuba.

Devotion to Our Lady of Charity dates to the early 1600s, when a statue of the Blessed Mother holding the Christ Child was found by three young men. On their way back to Santiago del Prado (modern El Cobre) and halfway across the Bay of Nipe, they encountered a fierce storm that threatened to destroy their frail boat. Suddenly, the waters calmed. In the distance the boys saw a white bundle floating on a piece of wood that they mistook for a sea bird. In reality, it was a small statue of Mother Mary holding the infant Jesus in her left arm and a gold cross in her right. Inscribed on the wooden board were the words, Yo soy la Virgen de la Caridad (I am the Virgin of Charity). According to recorded testimony, despite the motion of the ocean waves and the storm, neither the image of Mary nor her white robes were wet.

It brings me great joy to see this in my community. My parents have been away from their Beloved Country over 48 years. Now more than ever, we need prayers and devotion to Our Lady of Charity to help Cuba return to the state it was once, maybe not physically but spiritual and even so, to become even more spiritually than ever before.. But how does one do that without the daily basic needs such as milk, meat, eggs, water, lights... How does one feed their souls if they can't even feed their bodies? All with the Grace of Our Lady and Her Beloved Son!

We can't imagine what it is to live that Internet is not a common thing. That the thing I am doing right now, as writing on my blog to post about Cuba and how the Government is, a Cuban themselves can't do so. How would life be without the freedom of not just Internet use, or cell use or but without having the human right to learn and to be the person GOD calls one to be. One of the most basic Human given right is taken from you and it is control by a government that doesn't even believe in a God! We just can't imagine because we live in this great country of ours. Yes, it has many faults , it has done its share of evil but you can't deny its beautiful freedom we live day in and day out... the freedom to become that person God has called YOU to be! The freedom to walk to Our Beloved Church and bow our heads in prayer and Be grateful for what we have. The freedom to walk into a library and even check out a book by Scott Hahn? About Catholic faith, Jewish Faith and everything under the sun!


Most Holy Mother of Charity,
who came to us as a messenger of peace across
the sea, you are the Mother of all.
To you we come, Most Holy Mother of God,
to honor you with love as your children.
To your motherly heart we entrust our desires
and hopes, our work and our prayers.
We pray for our countries, that we may be able to build
nations based on peace and unity.
We pray for our families, that they may live
in fidelity and love.
We pray for our children, that they may grow strong
in spirit and in body.
We pray for our young people, that their faith may
increase, as well as their attachment to the truth.
We pray for the sick, the homeless, the lonely,
the exiled, and for all suffering souls.
We pray for the Catholic Church, for its mission,
for its clergy, religious and laity, and especially
for our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI.
Mother of Charity!
We place ourselves under your mantle of protection!
Blessed are you among women and blessed is
the fruit of your womb, Jesus!
To Him be the glory and the power, now and forever.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Come To Me

Well.. We have finish our Mary Project.. We put together a Video of Our Blessed Mother for the month of May. It was fun working with Princess Girl picking out images of Our Lady and having Blondie sitting on my lap making great changes or not so great! And even TrainBoy stood and watch the whole video and he says... Awww... Just love it.
Please view it on the bottom of our blog and let me know what your thoughts are! God bless All!

All within A Drive

How many of us have those conversations that goes on all within a drive with our children.

On Monday on our way back from Violin Practice to our friend's house Tricia to pick up my other 2 children, TrainBoy (my son of 2.5yrs) and Blondie (my daughter of 16months)...

Princess Girl (my daughter of 5yrs old) is having this conversation with a friend in the car. They both want a drink. Princess Girl says "we'll get one at my friend's house".."But you have to say "Please" because They are Catholic!"

I couldn't help but laugh and than when you think about it you wonder! How does a 5 year see the differences between those who are Catholic meaning they are due to respect and those who are not catholic are just others. Is it a good thing? To a point.

I did mention to Princess Girl that everyone needs that same politeness as a Catholic, that is why we are Catholic for Christ has shown us that everyone is called to the same love and respect for anyone and everyone can be a Christ!

I am amazed how much you can learn or teach all within a Drive. Please Share any Teaching moments you had all within a drive!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Song

This is a song which is normally sung when people go to serenade the Virgin of Guadalupe at the Villa early in the mornings.

Lady, to you I wish to sing

The finest of my songs

All my love is for you

And my very being too.

A heavenly hope cast its rays

Lighting up my darkened days…

My heart is yours

O sun of my desiring…

I told her my heart on her was set

She alone’s the one that I desire,

That never can I e’er forgetHer eyes of heavenly fire.

The more I think about her

More and more do I love her…

Thanks for having known you…

Click below to listen to the song in Spanish!

A Saints Love for Our Blessed Mother

I have come to have a better understanding of my "grandfather St.JoseMaria". (The reason for the grandfather, he reminds me very much of my grandfather Enrique, Spaniard look and the sweet smile!)
He has this love for Our Blessed Mother, that just makes one smile and you can sense his love for Her!

“We have to love the Blessed Virgin Mary more. We will never love her enough. Love her a lot!” is Saint Josemaría’s advice at The Forge, n. 527

He established the custom of placing in each room of each Opus Dei center a simple and artistically tasteful image of our Lady. He taught to give a direct glance towards it, and to give our Blessed Mother an affectionate interior prayer of greeting, whenever we enter or leave a room.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Our Lady of Loreto

The title Our Lady of Loreto refers to the Holy House of Loreto, the house in which Mary was born, and where the Annunciation occurred, and to an ancient statue of Our Lady which is found there. Tradition says that a band of angels scooped up the little house from the Holy Land, and transported it first to Tersato, Dalmatia in 1291, Reananti in 1294, and finally to Loreto, Italy where it has been for centuries. It was this flight that led to her patronage of people involved in aviation, and the long life of the house that has led to the patronage of builders, construction workers, etc. It is the first shrine of international renown dedicated to the Blessed Virgin, and has been known as a Marian center for centuries. Popes have always held the Shrine of Loreto in special esteem, and it is under their direct authority and protection.

Prayer to Our Lady of Loreto
I just implore your Holy Name. Help me find a house in Union of your Holy Son our Lord Jesus Christ and your Holy husband St. Joseph. For the peace and happiness that in your Holy House of Loreto, you lived there happily, by the grace and blessing that the Holy Father granted you. I implore you spiritually, to help me. I concentrate my future home. Holy Mother of Loreto grant us health, peace and happiness and help us in our lives. Just like your house was Holy and blessed by God. I ask that my future house be blessed and protected by you and by God. If you help me Holy Virgin and grant me my request (say your desire) I will make he who is my friend bless you also. Say 3-Our Fathers 3-Hail Mary's and 1-Glory Be