Your duty is to sanctify yourself. Yes, even you. Who thinks that this task is only for priests and religious? To everyone, without exception, our Lord said: Be ye perfect, as my heavenly Father is perfect. St. Josemaria

Friday, November 20, 2009

Food for Thought Friday

Well it seems that my theme is still on this Call to Holiness...It seems so out there so unreal but its not...its closer than we think. At times we can smell it, almost feel it, well actually can do so especially if you are a mother.. your holiness is in your cooking, cleaning, your touch on your children, on your home and in your heart.

" When my friend, are you going to lose your fear of holiness? When are you going to convince yourself that our Lord wants you to be a SAINT? Whatever your circumstances, whatever your job is, no matter what age you are or your physical condition, independent of your activities and your social position, if you are a Christian, Our Lord wants you to be holy, to be a SAINT!

"be perfect, as your heavenly father is perfect"..Mt 5:48

Jesus addressed these words to everyone, to each he proposed the same goal. There are different ways, because there are many different mansions in the Father's house, but the goal the aim is one and the same for all Christians..-- HOLINESS"

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sewmelody said...

Yes...It really is a fear of holiness that often keeps us from the effort. Beautiful post.

A priest at my parish just started a "Saints Club" and it has been wonderful for us all to focus as a community on personal sanctity. He's included daily, weekly, monthly goals, spiritual reading and a monthly meeting. We are reading "Prayer for Beginners" by Peter Kreeft. Highly recommended!