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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Celebrating Feast Days with little hands!

For the Feast of the Guardian Angel, I had found these wooden Angels at the Dollar Tree (thank God for this place) and so they painted them and We put the Guardian Angel prayer on one side and the St. Michael prayer on the other side.
We made this angel food cake, which is harder than I thought. My husband says it looks more like a fallen angel.. But when you add ice cream and strawberries.. it all taste good!

For the Feast of St. Francis , besides those great wolf cookies,
we have been working on our
St. Francis Bird feeder..
We painted it (hah..that was too much fun..) and than we
took St. Francis Peace Prayer and a picture of
St.Francis with Birds and sealed it on the feeder.

Last but not least, yesterday..

Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary,
we made our candy rosary, and are making our Rosary book. (I will share pictures once we are done!)

We used roses and heart candy mold..
It was a great deal of fun..
(we haven't eaten any of the candy just
yet we are trying to hold off for Little Flowers on Friday!.ha..)


Angela said...

I LOVE your bird feeder. I am very impressed! You guys could start another business besides the bows and make these bird-feeders! So adorable. The rest of the food and candy looks great too. You have many good ideas.

Theresa said...

Beautiful, Ceci!

Cecilia said...

Thanks.. Angela & Theresa... now if I can just get busy with the cleaning.. aww..

Jessica said...

Oh the Rosary is BEAUTIFUL!!!