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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Domestic Must Haves!!

Well.. Being the homemaker that I am.. Not really... I honestly wish that at the high school that I went they had such a class..

But anyways.. there are few things that I love to have in the my home.

1. A timer.. its my best friend and I have about 4 of them throughout the house.. No one can get mad at a timer .. it just beeps.. more time out.. no more computer.. your time is up.. time to stop reading (it works for those children that love to read and read yet time to work on lets say Math is a big nooooooooo) You get the idea.. it helps run things a bit smooth!!

2. Crock pot.. Don't need to say anything else on that! Right.. who doesn't love the smell of the food cooking throughout the day and you all had to do is everything in the pot and hit.. COOK!! Love it.. especially on raining days..

3. Pressure Cooker.. I don't think many people have one of those as much as everyone has a crock pot... Its a great favorite.. for I can never remember to soak those beans the night before but I can cook some great black beans, red beans for those Chillis (in the crock pot).. I grew up this in my home and its a great tool to have ..

4. Laundry baskets.. 1 per child.. Ok.. so laundry is not my thing.. it just piles and piles and than I fold all of those cute kids clothes and when I need something (b/c it takes me another day to put it away!!) is always at the bottom.. right.. well.. I bought 4 baskets (4 kids for now) at Dollar Tree, all gray, all just $1.. I tied different color ribbon for each child and hot glue (don't you love a hot glue!!) the ends together.. BAM!! Every clothes goes folded in each child's very own basket.. they take the basket up to their rooms and do their best to but it away!! is good!

5. I keep cleaning supplies for the bathroom under each sink.. that's 3 bathrooms, that's 3 pile of cleaning supplies.. why.. I'm just lazy that's all.. it makes me clean those bathroom.. right when I am in the mood (never but I force the mood.. you know). Oh.. I also have dust cleaner/ rag on each floor of the house.. that's 3 floor 3 dust/cleaners.. why? lazy to go up to the main floor to get it and lazy to take it downstairs.. I guess.. maybe its not lazy but just its a crazy place here.. I bet you know what I mean.. I am very forgetful person.

There are so many more little things here and there but that's all I can think of as now..
Who says a women can't run the world.. If we can run the house somewhat smooth.. we can rule the world.. don't you agree..

Please share your few Domestic must have for it is through the examples of you great ladies out there that I have improve in my
vocation of Motherhood.
May Our Blessed Mother protect, bless and you love you always.


Dessi said...

you are my hero!!!

+JMJ+ said...

This is great! Your blog is looking so good! You have a nice mix of posts that make me want to come back.

I hope to join in on this one as I LUV ideas and tips.