Your duty is to sanctify yourself. Yes, even you. Who thinks that this task is only for priests and religious? To everyone, without exception, our Lord said: Be ye perfect, as my heavenly Father is perfect. St. Josemaria

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My trip to Mexcio

Here is Our Most Beautiful Blessed Mother, Our Lady of Guadalupe at the Villa in Mexico where they have our most Beloved Mother.

Here I am in front of the Pope Car, that was last used by Pope John Paul the Great. He just loved Mexico, Mexico was his first trip as a Pope and Mexico loved Pope John Paul. My mother was in mexico at the last time Pope John Paul went to Mexico to canonized Juan Deigo. She remembers the sad feeling of being his last trip to Mexico and how everywhere you went no matter if it was private or public place, His picture was shown, a country so in loved with this Great Saint!

Here I am with my father and my great grand
mother who will turn 90 in May! She has the most beautiful hair!

Here I am with my cousin Roberto in front of Palace in Mexico City.. We had a great time together!

We went to this place in a great Mall that gives you the oppourntary to be a professional or worker. I love being a baby nurse,

Package deliver

Dress Maker

An Artist

A Firefighter

A Store Clerk

Last but not least, I had a great time spending it with my dear grandmother!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy Baptism Day!!!

Today on the Feast of St. Anne and St. Joachim, Grandparents Day is the anniversary of my oldest daughter, PrincessGirl, 5 years celebration of her Baptism Day! The day that she became God's daughter, she was taken into our faith and kissed by God. I recall this days as it happen just today. I remember most on how emotional I was on that day, which took me by surprise. I remember when she was being Baptised that now.. She really belongs to God, she has become His daughter and I am only here to show her the way back Home! It was more emotional for myself than the day she was born. I miss her very much today for she is in Mexico with her father. I talk to her and express to her how beautiful today is for her. She was very excited that today was her baptism day! We always celebrate today as if its her birthday, more important than her birthday. She will celebrate it in Mexico with her grandmother, father and cousin!

Special Baptism Prayer for a Special Girl

Lord, surround this Girl with goodness, load her in Your light each day;

Help her walk the path You've Chosen, guide her steps on the way;

Teach her, Lord, to trust your wisdom with a faith forever new;

Keep her from harm, and bless her with Your grace and gladness..


Thursday, July 24, 2008

"Babies from the grave"

I came across this article and its just makes me sick. The thought of babies as a thing to have instead of a gift from God is just so unreal! I don't understand and I will never understand. When will science's get it! I just don't want to think what the future holds for us on this track! What I don't get is the title of the article, "Babies from the grave' a step closer".. A step closer to what?? Can you answer that?

May God have Mercy on our souls!

'Babies from the grave' a step closer

By ANNA CHALMERS - The Dominion Post Thursday, 24 July 2008

Women could soon have "babies from the grave" or give birth after menopause using frozen eggs.

The influential Advisory Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technology, set up in 2004 to advise the Government, recommended yesterday that frozen eggs become an established procedure in fertility treatment.

New Zealand women have been able to freeze their eggs since 2005, but it has been illegal to use them in fertility treatment programmes such as in-vitro fertilisation (IVF).

If adopted, the controversial proposal would enable career women wanting to postpone children and those without a partner to put their fertility "on ice" by freezing their eggs for later use.

It could also mean that, if a woman gives permission at the time her eggs are harvested, then later dies, a surrogate could be impregnated with the embryo containing her egg - in effect creating a baby from the grave.

The committee has also paved the way for so-called saviour siblings - whose embryos have been pre-selected to create a child to aid a sick brother or sister - to include other relatives such as cousins and also assist those with non-genetic diseases, such as leukaemia.

At present, "saviour siblings" can be created to assist only with genetic diseases, such as Huntington's.

Fertility clinics are welcoming the proposals but the Catholic Bioethics Centre said it opposed the discarding of embryos that failed the selection process for "saviour siblings".

The Catholic Church was also concerned about life being created outside a "loving context", centre researcher John Kleinsman said.

The advisory committee believes about 25 women in New Zealand have had eggs frozen since 2005.

Spokesman Gareth Jones said that, worldwide, up to 600 children have been born from frozen eggs, with about 160 documented through IVF.

The committee believed that creating babies from frozen eggs was safe.

"There is no rational reason to expect problems - frozen sperm has been used for many, many years."

Cancer Society deputy chief executive Jan Pearson said treatment often left young patients infertile and freezing eggs would help them.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mosaic Meme

The Questions (and The Answers):

1. What is your first name? Maria C. 2. What is your favorite food? Seafood 3. What high school did you go to? Cardinal Newman 4. What is your favorite color? Pink 5. Who is your celebrity crush? Cary Grant 6. Favorite drink? Margarita 7. Dream vacation? Spain 8. Favorite dessert? Cheesecake 9. What you want to be when you grow up? Faithful. 10. What do you love most in life? Life itself 11. One Word to describe you? Loyal 12. One hobby of yours? Shopping

Thanks to dear Friend Allison, I took the task on and now its your turn. Please let me know if you do take it on so that I can view your creation! :)

Here's how: a. Type your answer to each of the questions above into Flickr Search. b. Using only the first page, pick an image. c. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into fd’s mosaic maker. d. Save image to hard drive and post to blogger. e. Copy HTML code for flickr photo credits and paste into blogger at the bottom of the post.

Thanks to :

1. El Pla de Santa Maria, (L'Alt Camp) Catalunya,

4. closed window,

5. Grant 1934,

6. away in Margaritaville,

7. tales,

8. for Lianna!,

9. of Time,

10. of life,

11. Loyal Sunrise, Northern Scotland. UK.,

12. neon lights

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Can I have a Supersize order of Graces, Please?

Well, my husband and my Princessgirl are off to Mexico for a 12 days trip due to a wedding. I am back home alone with the two little ones and its just not easy! I don't know how a single mother does it. So we went to mass this morning which was a mess. I believe that if it wasn't for Christ on the alter, I would of been out of there faster than I could think. But I kept saying to myself, I need these graces from Christ just to make it through mass. I didn't hear much what the Priest had said, I just had to focus on Christ on the cross and my time to have Him so close to me that He could feel my struggle and comfort my heart!

To add a humor to whole mass, during the Consecration, when the Priest left Christ in the air, my little Blondie (18 months) says with the biggest smile on her face and stars in her eyes" Cookie... oh,,, cookie...!!" It was so cute to see how they see things as they are now . Makes one wonder at what point does it go from cookie to Christ.... Only the making of the Holy Spirit and our efforts to bring them back every Sunday to Him no matter how hard it is, it must be done, not in the nursery but right there in front of Christ so that one beautiful day it will be..

Christ, My Christ...

May God have mercy on my soul and May the Holy Spirit bring forth graces to all the parents who do struggle to have their children see Christ!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I get to have a baby.

"I get to have a baby by Elizabeth Foss"

I ran into an old acquaintance at a party last weekend. It had been about a year since I'd last seen her and I was delighted to meet her again. She's always been a warm woman, who seemed to love to play with my babies. So, I was a bit — ahem — surprised at our exchange.

"You look tired," she said

."Ah, I am," I replied with a wink.

"I'm getting kind of old for this." I rubbed my growing belly.

"How old are you?"


"Why don't you take the pill?"Gulp. Um.

My well-rehearsed treatise on the Culture of Life and openness to God's gracious goodness completely evaded me there in the kitchen between the bar and the buffet.

"It's against my religion." That was lame, I thought, as nothing else sprung from my mouth."Well, then why don't you just tell him to stay away? Tell him you'll come find him when you want him around. Tell him to leave you alone."I was backing away now, physically recoiling from the disdain in her voice. Honestly, I couldn't even speak. I went and sat as close as I could to "him" on the couch. And then I let the words come in my head — words I never shared with her, but wish I had.

“Because I get to have another baby.”

I get to feel my cheeks flush and my heart race when I see two pink lines on a positive pregnancy test.

I get to plot and plan and dream up the perfect way to tell my husband.

I get to tell my children they are expecting a sibling and watch the ensuing happy dances and hear the shouts of glee.

I get to see a brand new heart beating beneath my own.

I get to hear the rhythmic swish and thump that tell us the baby is still well.

I get to feel the flutters and have the realization dawn that they are created by my baby who is moving within me.

I get to see my belly swell and not be bothered by "weight gain."

I'm gaining a baby.

I get to hear my children bless this baby every day and pray for her safe arrival.

I get to lie in a darkened room, my husband nearby, and get a glimpse of our baby on a screen.

I get to watch him fall in love with the baby of the grainy image.

I get to see a tenderness reserved especially for moments like these.

I get to become acquainted with the rhythms of her being — her active times, her sleepy times, her hiccups — all before I ever see her.

I get to rub my belly a million times a day, wearing out maternity shirts in an effort to caress the growing dear one.

I get to receive holy Communion, knowing that the baby inside of me is nearer ever still to the Real Presence of the Lord.

I get to look forward to the day she is born, imagining the slippery, soft cheek against my own, feeling the enormous relief and thanksgiving that come with her safe arrival.

I get to watch the cord be cut and know that I still have years ahead of me of nourishing her from my own body and a lifetime of nurturing her from my soul.

I get to fold well-worn lovely little pink clothes and eagerly anticipate dressing a new doll in them.

I get to fall asleep at night with my husband's hand on my belly, marveling at it all and thanking God for the miracle of two made three.

I get to have a baby.

Again.Isn't God good and aren't I blessed to know a Church that has led me to this precious time in my life?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just one Word!

Allison said I would be able to do this with just one word..(I guess she forgot that I am Cuban.. no such things as one word) but here will go....

1. Where is your cell phone? ...couch
2. Your significant other? ... G
3. Your hair? ...there
4. Your mother? ...Busy
5. Your father? ...Sleeping
6. Your favorite thing?
7. Your dream last night? ....Real
8. Your favorite drink? ...Coke
9. Your dream/goal? ...conversions
10. The room you’re in? ...Familyroom
11. Your church? ...True
12. Your fear? ...loneliness
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? ...pregnant
14. Where were you last night? ... kitchen
15. What you’re not? ...disciplined
16. Muffins? ... Chocolate!
17. One of your wish list items? ... Beachhouse
18. Where you grew up? ...Sunshine
19. The last thing you did? ...itched
20. What are you wearing?
21. Your TV? ....There
22 Your pets? ...Gone
23. Your computer? ...on
24. Your life? ...undeserved
25. Your mood? ...quiet
26. Missing someone? ...daughter
27. Your car? ....home
28. Something you’re not wearing?
29. Favorite store? ...Macys
30. Your summer? ...Hot
31. Like(love) someone? ...Many!
32. Your favorite color? ....Pink
33. Last time you laughed? ...yesterday
34. Last time you cried? ...Night
35. Who will re post this? ... Gaby?

And to think that Cubans can't keep it down to just one word! :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Just take a moment to listen to....

God's beauty as its takes you away from this world into the next. Close your eyes and see with your heart the world to come.

What would we do without beautiful music? God's love for us is shown in all wonders such as His music!

(Mozart's Requiem Mass in D Minor I - Introitus and Kyrie)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Our New Bishop..."Love demands presence"

Our Holy Father has name Bishop Malooly as our 9th Bishop of our Dioceses after our Bishop Saltarelli, in keeping with canon law, has offered his resignation to the Holy Father when he turned 75 years of age.

This is great time of Hope for our Dioceses! Bishop Saltarelli did a well job as a Shepard to a degree and we do hope that Our new Bishop might be able to go above and guide our Dioceses and our Priest to a higher standard. I pray that the Holy Spirit guide Bishop Malooly in keeping Christ's Church holy and pure.

I found this article written by Bishop Malooly and found it to be very nice and an insight into our New Bishop.

"I am especially encouraged by the men who dedicate their lives to the Lord for the sake of others through the priesthood. Their enthusiasm and spirituality is an inspiration to us "older clerics" and a reminder of our own call to be at the service of the community."

" Years ago I heard the quote that "Love demands presence." The Eucharist is clearly our Lord’s way of saying to each of us that he wants to be present to us because He loves us so much. Also, it is our opportunity to be one with not only him but with each other. Each time we come to the Eucharistic table, we receive the same Lord Jesus; we are each challenged to take Him with us into our part of the world so that He becomes even more present not only within us but among us."

here is the link to the article.

Please keep our new Bishop in your prayers!
Heavenly Father,in these trying times when the spirit of the age threatens Christian values,give our bishop holiness of life and wisdom to direct and guide our diocesan family so that we may grow in your love.We ask this through Christ our Lord.Amen.

Constitution Party, is it the party of our future??

My sister had send me this link on another party, the Constitution Party and when you look through it sounds good. For example here is a part on
The Sanctity of Life:
The Declaration of Independence states:
"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness".

The Preamble of the Constitution states a purpose of the Constitution to be to:
"secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity".We declare the unalienable right of Life to be secured by our Constitution "to ourselves and our Posterity". Our posterity includes children born and future generations yet unborn. Any legalization of the termination of innocent life of the born or unborn is a direct violation of our unalienable right to life.

Here is there position on Education:

All teaching is related to basic assumptions about God and man. Education as a whole, therefore, cannot be separated from religious faith. The law of our Creator assigns the authority and responsibility of educating children to their parents. Education should be free from all federal government subsidies, including vouchers, tax incentives, and loans, except with respect to veterans.

One starts to think how country is headed and what can we do about it. Does make sense that this 2 party system is not working especially in this Election where we see that both man running for Pres. not what we would vote for really.

We really need to get on our knees and make sure that this beautiful country of ours is going to be headed in the right direction. That God may protect us and our children's future!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

While Driving..

Today on the way to our friend's house, we were stop at a light. PrincessGirl could see to her left a cemetery. She says to me... "So when you die, we put you under a rock?". I couldn't help but to laugh!

However; than she says to me.."Do you think its ok, to ask Jesus to die me?" I said.."what do you mean by that?" and She says..." To ask Jesus to take me to Heaven soon!" At that moment I just couldn't say much but than I said.. "Yes.. to go to Heaven soon if its God's will than it will be done." But I was thinking.. please don't ask that, I don't want to have to lose you. Its a mother's selfish thought to hold onto their child with all our might!

Does one wonder children's goal for Heaven is more on their mind than as an adult. How to be a child again in our faith!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

World of Sports

Trainboy at his first intro to Worlds of Sports. Here he is wearing his uniform, I bet if he can he would wear this outfit daily!

A True natural..

He takes a shot and ....

He scores!!

Over the wall..

Using up all of his enegry.. Thank goodness to Worlds of Sports!