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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pretty, Happy, Real, Funny

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  Our Tulips of spring 2012
(which are gone now due to this crazy weather)
 I was so happy when my husband inform that we can grow tulips in Mississippi. He actually said that was farthest south one can grow tulips.. We luck out!
~ Happy~
She is just the happiest when she can help cook in the kitchen. 
  She is finally out of crib and in a toddler bed.  Its real, my youngest as of now is not in a crib. I actually took the crib down and put it up in the attic (getting the house ready to put it on the market was a driving force to taking the crib down).  I never had to do this since I would have someone younger right behind and putting them in the crib. Its a real fact, no more babies as of now and I pray to God that it is not so.

 These little girls are so funny together. I never seen in my other kids  this young that has a friend that play so well together and just love each other. This is one of the biggest heartache, I will have when we move. Moving my children away from dear friends.  Jesus, I trust in YOU!