Your duty is to sanctify yourself. Yes, even you. Who thinks that this task is only for priests and religious? To everyone, without exception, our Lord said: Be ye perfect, as my heavenly Father is perfect. St. Josemaria

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm wordless, I don't need words, I need Him!

Today, once again, the close encounter to someone taking the life of an innocent child, just makes it all wordless. There just no words to describe the horror feeling of knowing at every day, every second a sweet baby is going to lose their lives that day. I feel so helpless, I feel so angry, I feel so scared. I beg for God's mercy. What do we do, how can we stop it? How do we get them to have a change of heart?

Well, I think, I need a change of heart, a very pure heart so that it shines forth, God's love and only His love and mercy will ever give them a change of heart. Please forgive me for my writing, since I just can't seem to understand lately, this world of ours. I just can't understand why? Why, hind behind our PC's, our facebooks, our children, our sweet life as is , without really see the world as it is for others, those poor innocent children in a very dangerous place, the womb.

I see, well, God lets me see, that I don't have to hide behind anything but that I have so much that I can do in a few simple words: prayer and fast. Do I really know the power behind prayer and fast (not of just foods)? I guess I don't but I am seeing that this moment of my life, that is what God is really calling me, so that I can give up myself, my very selfish self for those innocent hands, reaching out for a change of heart!

May God take all of it, all of my mind, all of my soul and all of being for His greater Glory. I can no longer do it alone, I can no longer hide behind the wall of unknowns. For I know it's there, I see evil and evil is looking at me. Will I turn my head, will I bow my head or will I look straight ahead and What will it see? Will they see Christ in me? Will they see His mercy, His love ?

I have no choice, I have no time to waste, for that is what the World needs, to see His love, His mercy, His face in us!

Oh, Mightily God, have Mercy on us and Whole World!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Family in Great Need.

It has come to my attention of a family that is in great need. The Vasquez Family is a catholic homeschooling family of 8 children and one on the way. The Vasquez Family is Homeless and they have been living in their car. The mother was just sent to the hospital to pass 2 kidney stones. The father a roofer and carpenter is with out a job. They need my help, they need your help.
Their church in New Jersey, Mater Ecclesiae is helping them out. They have written me and said that this family is a very beautiful and very pro-life family, they do a lot for the 40 days for Life.

What Can you do:
1. Have your children pray for this family.
2. Give what you can, either send a check to the church:
261 Cross Keys Road Berlin, NJ 08009-9431 written out to either
a.) Mater Ecclesiae with a notation of the name of the family (Vasquez)
b.) Miguel Vasquez (father)

3. If you would like to send it via paypal, do so to and we will send off the money to the Vasquez Family (Hair Bows 4 Life will pay the paypal fees) , write in the subject line : Vasquez Family

4. Repost this post, send it to your friends, church.

Thank you and God Bless You and Your Family.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

One Thousand Gifts

Have you seen this book? One Thousand Gifts, I think I am the last one to know about it. A friend lend it to me. Now I understand when I see on different blogs, a list of things they are grateful for. The book, in my thoughts is a bit hard to follow b/c of her writing style and I am not finish but I understand what she is trying to get through.

A friend dare her to write 1,000 things that she is grateful that God has given her. I thought, ok, I can do that. Something new. So I got a notebook, wrote the date and started my list. In all honestly, I am very surprise how I tend to see somethings a bit different in just seeing how God has given me so much. From simple things as the sun on cold days to the smile of my husband every morning. To the very wet backyard to the tulips coming up, to the wire of my computer to the touch of my very wire 2 year old.

I stop seeing what I don't have, such as another child. That has been the hardest thing this past year and with every month that goes by, I am without another child. But I have to see that God is giving me more than I will ever be grateful for. So here is to my One Thousand Gifts..

Why don' t you join me in writing your 1, 000 gifts. You don't have to put them in public for all to share, just write them down. Writing them down is another gift from God!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Isn't He Lovely..

Ever since we saw this movie a few weeks, the kids have been singing these great songs. This is their favorite one. So last night as everyone is in bed and baby girl starts to cry (she wants to get out and stay up) I hear from across the hall is her big brother singing to her this song so she would stop to cry. And she does stop and does fall asleep. It just was so sweet and he was right on with the words .

The gift of being with each other all day! Thank you, my Lord!

Monday, March 14, 2011

A Fallen Child.

Have you noticed what a great difference there is between a child falling and a fall by an adult? In the case of children, most falls are unimportant; they are always falling over! If they do start crying, their father tells them: 'Look here now, men don't cry.' And the incident ends with the child trying earnestly to please his father.
But what happens if an adult loses his balance and falls awkwardly to the ground? If it weren't so pitiful, his misfortune would provoke merriment and laughter. Besides, the fall may have serious consequences and, if it's an old man, it might even give rise to a fracture that will never heal. In our interior life, it does all of us good to be quasi modo geniti infantes, like those tiny tots who seem to be made of rubber and who even enjoy falling over because they get up again right away and are once more running around, and also because they know their parents will always be there to console them, whenever they are needed.
If we try to act like them, our stumbling and failures in the interior life (which, moreover, are inevitable) will never result in bitterness. Our reaction will be one of sorrow but not discouragement, and we'll smile with a smile that gushes up like fresh water out of the joyous awareness that we are children of that Love, that grandeur, that infinite wisdom, that mercy, that is our Father. During the years I have been serving Our Lord, I have learned to become a little child of God. I would ask you to do likewise, to be quasi modo geniti infantes, children who long for God's word, his bread, his food, his strength, to enable us to behave henceforth as Christian men and women.
Friends of God - St. Josemaria Escriva

So its the 1st Week of Lent, and boy does my knees hurt from falling! Its just so easy to give in, toss the towel, just to call it quits! But, I recall how Our Lord, fell 3 time during the carrying of the cross and I feel that He did that to show us , that we will fall (millions of millions of times) but what is the most important thing He did after he fell? He got up and kept carrying the cross, die for our sins and on the 3rd Day rose from the dead!

We too need to get up, look at our father in the eyes, and see His hand reaching towards us so that we can get up again! Like a Child, we will cry , feel shame, sad, but He wipes away our tears, and sits us on His lap , and kiss our cheeks and lets us know, He Loves us ! To Be a Child of God, to act like a Child of God, to die as a Child of God, that is what we need to do!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

40 Days for LIFE!

Hair Bows 4 Life has just created a Precious Life Hair bow in honor of 40 days for Life. Each bow has a precious feet heart medal on a red satin bow. 50% of each sale of Precious Life Hair Bow will go right back into saving those precious feet!

Around 1970, physician Dr. Russell Sacco became aware of the highly developed human characteristics of pre-born infants. His striking photo of the perfectly formed feet of a 10-week unborn child was published world-wide. In 1974, it inspired Mrs. Virginia Evers to create the “Precious Feet” lapel pin, identical in size and shape to an unborn baby’s feet at just 10 weeks after conception. They are used by literally millions of people world-wide to demonstrate the humanity of the unborn.

Check out what you can do for Life these 40 Days!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Be imitators of God

It is, then, a time of penance, but, as we have seen, this is not something negative. Lent should be lived in the spirit of filiation, which Christ has communicated to us and which is alive in our soul. Our Lord calls us to come nearer to him, to be like him: "Be imitators of God, as his dearly beloved children," cooperating humbly but fervently in the divine purpose of mending what is broken, of saving what is lost, of bringing back order to what sinful man has put out of order, of leading to its goal what has gone astray, of re-establishing the divine balance of all creation. St. Josemaria Escriva

Here we are the great season of Lent. I really like reading what St. Josemaria Escriva talks about Lent not being negative but a way to be imitators of God, we are His beloved children.

I recall once a holy priest talk about his conversion and once he was in Rome making a confession with a Holy Holy priest and he said that man's greatest sin is not believing, not living, that we are true sons and daughter of God. But we are so His beloved children, where we can run to Him during our lent and show Him our buries so that He will make it all better. He will kiss it and clean it out and bandage it up with His own life!

What I am planning to do for lent? Huh. I write it as my own reminder really nothing else , as my way of showing face to it, accountability I guess.

* Limit my use of the Internet (I am not much of a T.V. person) with the help of my friend, timer.

* That heroic moment, that getting out of bed at the ring of the bell.

* Reading more. I enjoy to read. Daily reading of Bible, In Conversation with God, Lent series , How to Profit from your faults and Lukewarmness, the Devil in diguise .

* On Fridays, we'll do the Stations on the Cross and we bought the CD from Holy Heroes Station of the Cross (its in Spanish as well!!) , crown of thorns, alms-giving and the Road to Easter.

Blessed are you, O Lord our God, the all-holy one, who gives us life and all things. As we go about our lives, the press of our duties and activities often leads us to forget your presence and your love. We fall into sin and fail to live out the responsibilities that you have entrusted to those who were baptized into your Son.

In this holy season, help us to turn our minds and hearts back to you. Lead us into sincere repentance and renew our lives with your grace. Help us to remember that we are sinners, but even more, help us to remember your loving mercy.

As we live through this Ash Wednesday, may the crosses of ashes that mark our foreheads be a reminder to us and to those we meet that we belong to your Son. May our worship and prayer and penitence this day be sustained throughout these 40 days of Lent. Bring us refreshed and renewed to the celebration of Christ’s resurrection at Easter.

We ask this through your Son, Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit for ever and ever. Amen.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Another one turns to the Mercy of God!

Two weeks ago , we learn about the death of an Abortionist who fought for the lives of the unborn after God work a miracle in his heart. Here we have another Abortionist turn Defender for the Unborn, Dr. John Bruchalsk who has one of the largest free-standing pro-life medical practices in the country Tepeyac Family Center . Its a place where one combines the best of modern medicine with the healing presence of Jesus Christ, Dr. Bruckalsk explains to LifeSiteNews.

Message of Our Lady

A young woman from Belgium who was there praying for the pro-life cause told him that she had a message for him about Our Lady and began telling him things about his life.
“It was life changing for me.” says Dr. Bruckalsk
His conversion experience shows that “no one is
beyond God’s mercy, no one, no one,”
he said. “I was doing
the abortions because I believed it was the lesser of two evils, ... yet
I realized that people were just more broken after the procedure. There
might have been a brief respite from the stress and strain, but most
relationships broke up after the abortion.”

“The mercy of God was what truly penetrated my

We need to pray hard and fast and suffer now for the tide is turning. Don't forget that 40 Days for Life is starting on March 9th!

Friday, March 4, 2011

My Girlfriend's Boyfriend Trailer 2010

Well, when my husband travels, I tend to watch those cute girl movies that he might not really like from Netflexs , so I watch this one , My Girlfriend's Boyfriend , and what a surprise story. A very sweet and clean story. I will go on to tell you that is a pro-life story . I don't want to ruin the end for you but it sure got me. So enjoy!