Your duty is to sanctify yourself. Yes, even you. Who thinks that this task is only for priests and religious? To everyone, without exception, our Lord said: Be ye perfect, as my heavenly Father is perfect. St. Josemaria

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Little Owls Findings For The Fall

Aren't these owls cute?  I found them at the Family Dollar for $2 and those glass pumpkins at $1 each.

It might not feel like fall here but I will do my best to bring on the feeling of fall at home!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New Chapter?

 I am moving, I am not sure all together but a big part of this blog is moving over to WordPress as a new type of blog.

Anyways. Check it out: and head over for the grand opening and  a great book give away for moms being fit.  Become a Follower gives you a chance to win a new book that might change your life as it has done for me in so many ways.

Let me what you think.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Moving the Flower.

Due to the increase of need, we are moving the Magnolia Sweet healing to its own website.  Please take time to visit it or send it out to those who might be in need of this healing through words of others.   There is no cost to them and who knows they might find true comfort and healing in the book.
Check it out and let me know what you think!
Many Blessings to you.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Maximus Back to School Sale!

"God dwells in our midst in the Blessed Sacrament of the altar" 
St. Maximilian Kolbe

In Honor of a dear friend, 
St. Maximus Kolbe (feast day Aug.14), 
Hair Bows For Life is having a Maximus Back to School Sale. 

30% off all bows .  

Click here  to take you to the discount.

They also custom make bows to match any uniform, cheering, dance, even Little Flowers groups.

Please feel free to pass this along to your friends and family!

May Our Blessed Lord and Mother bless your family this school year!

Hair Bows 4 Life
"Trying to make a difference in the world one bow at a time."

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Our Treasures in Heaven: A book for healing and hope!

A post that I was hoping not to write again. But God's mercy and love is so bigger than my little world that knowing  that if we unite our greatest sufferings with  His, we are somewhat worthy of the true cross which might bring us  a living happiness = eternal life.

Few weeks ago, I sadly learn that our sweet baby boy did not make it pass 13 weeks yet my body once again, was not showing any signs of it. I had my 15 weeks check up and once again, my biggest fear became my reality , no heartbeat, no movement, no baby.   

I really couldn't believe that I was living this nightmare again that I had just felt that I experience with Benedicto not too long ago.  I really thought that my Easter Miracle that I had written about was a baby I was going to hold for a very long time. 

At first, I just want to get it done with and move on and have a D&C but after a day or so of reflection, and knowing that we were not going to get a body to bury here, I decided to have labor so that I can have a tiny yet very big in our hearts, baby to give what everyone unborn at least deserves if they don't make it: a burial. 

So I went in on June 20th and on June 21th deliver a perfect tiny baby boy, Juan Diego. So missed .. So wanted.. So needed!   But in God's perfect plan there is always peace when let in that plan into ours. 

Our Dear Fr.John, came to visit bringing me : Christ and also two relics, one of the true cross and one of that day's saint: St. Aloysius Gonzaga

I was able to reflex on that day's Gospel which was Matthew 6:19- 23 and what stood out for me that I knew Jesus was talking to me at that moment in time was: 

20 But store up treasures for yourselves in heaven, where neither moth nor woodworm destroys them and thieves cannot break in and steal. 21 For wherever your treasure is, there will your heart be too.

I know that I also have my sweet four treasures on earth and those four treasures in Heaven who are giving Glory to God.

As my husband and I were eating our lunch after we went to the doctors before the labor, a lady sat right behind me with these on her shirt that is and will always be my moto:
I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him. 28So now I give him to the Lord.1 Samuel 1:27-28

Our children are not ours, they are God's and God's alone. He only grants us time with them, may it be seconds, months, years, but we should always give them to the LORD.

One week later, we bury our sweet son on June 28th at a St. Joseph Cemetery , right under a Magnolia tree and in front of a big statue of Sacred Heart of Jesus (which I didn't know where it was going to be). We also order some flowers to put on the grave site and sure enough, it was filled with St.Josephs' Flowers. And since Juan Diego was conceived on St. Joseph's feast day, I knew it was St.Joseph's way of letting us know, that he also was carrying Juan Diego in his arms.

I reflect that why I mourn the lost of my child, that I bury my child, that I was chosen to mourn and bury for the lost of millions and millions of children lost to abortion. God was calling for me for something greater than I ever knew I was able to do. With God, nothing is impossible.

During losing Benedicto last year, I got a hold of this wonderful book that has help me in so many ways, that I can not even describe it. after miscarriage: A Catholic Woman's Companion to Healing and Hope by Karen Edmisten.     I had given copies to moms from friends to strangers so that they can heal and have hope again.

If you would like a copy of that book or know someone who does, it is my mission to give them a copy for free. Please contact either on the comment box or email me at

Thank you for your prayers.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

His love for Her..

Our Dearest  Blessed Pope John Paul loved Our Lady so much. 
 He gave Her : his life, his love, his trust and his faith in Her. 
She in return  protect him and gave him the strength to endure the weight of the Church 
until his very last breath.

 This Saturday is Pope John Paul II birthday and on Oct. 20th, he will be canonize into a great Saint in the books of The Holy Mother Church.

In his honor, we are giving away a Pope John Paul II hair bows at under giveaways (until supplies last). Please limited to one per family and give it 4 to 6 weeks. 

May this beautiful month of Our Dearest Mother give you the same strength, wisdom, faith and love ,
 She so dearly gives to all!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My Easter Miracle

It is time to share with you all our Easter Miracle.  Many of you know my story of the lost of my son Benedicto last year.  The whole in my heart has been big for some time.  My youngest is going to turn 5 in the Falll and we have lost two since.    In November, I was getting overwhelm with the idea of  not having any more children. I am very grateful for these dear four blessings God has given me! I wanted to rest this feeling of yawning for more children if it was not in God plans.

So I turn to my dearest friend, St. Therese of the Little Flowers and I did a novena, asking, or more like begging God to let me close this hole in my heart and just take what I have on Earth and live it to its fullest.  I knew if God would let me know that these four children on Earth would be it than I could finally really move on in a way. On the ninth day, without the knowledge to anyone at all,  I received my 12 roses from My husband.  I knew than that I was going to blessed once again with another little soul on Earth.

Well, that was in November and months would pass, cycles would come and go and many of them, I thought for sure we had conceive  but than temperatures would drop and cycles would start again.

Lent started and I prayed daily for some type of Easter Miracle  especially knowing that this Easter Sunday was our one year anniversary of the delivery of my son.  But it's all in his hand, I mean all of it!!

Than we had a new Pope Fransico , a dear gentle fisherman, and on St.Joseph's day, he was going to   take place as the next Pope.   In God greatest love for us, we conceived on St. Joseph's day. A true miracle because I have not every ovulated earlier than day 20 in the past five years and that day was day 14.

I didn't sense it until Easter Sunday when just looking at my temperatures, I knew that God has granted us the greatest privileged again, to bear a child for His Glory.

To top it off ,  Our Due date is our wedding Anniversary  December 8th and which was also the date that I had conceived our Little Benedictio two years before!

So I beg you to please keep us in your prayers for a healthy pregnancy  as you can imagine, I am scared to loss again. But I know that I never really lost anything just gain Angels for God's kingdom.  But I would love to hold this little soul , another of His greatest gifts,  in my hands again.

In Your Mercy O Lord, hear my prayer!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Storm the Heavens for PRAYERS!

Please read the email below from a sister in Christ Lisa (whom I don't know) for another Sister in Chris Pamela who is in great need of your prayers.  Please pass this along, post it, face book it, anything to storm the Heavens for prayers for Pamela and her family!  There is a sign up below to follow to do a Novena to St. Gianna.

Hello friends-

I am writing this email in the hopes of asking you to join me in a special
time of prayer for one of my closest long-term friends, Pamela.

Pamela is a 37 year old wife and stay-at-home mother to three young boys
(Elliot, 6, Finn, 4, and Ethan 19 months). And she is currently about 25
weeks pregnant with baby number 4. She and her husband Erik live in NYC.

About two months ago, Pamela began experiencing severe migraines which her
doctors believed were pregnancy-related. But as they treated her and she
did not improve, they did an MRI only to discover a massive tumor on her
brain. She immediately had surgery to remove as much of the tumor as
possible. Over 90% was removed, but it was impossible to get all of it.
Thankfully, baby came through surgery just fine. Then the pathology report
came-- bringing incredibly heart-wrenching news. Pamela has aggressive,
stage 4 brain cancer. She was given a bleak prognosis of living an average
of 13 months. As devastating as this diagnosis is, it is all the more
complicated by her pregnancy. She cannot begin all of the recommended
treatments immediately, and there are some very difficult (almost
impossible) decisions to make regarding care for baby balanced with her own

In short, Pamela needs a miracle. Both she and Erik are people of deep
faith. Interestingly enough, Erik just came into full communion with the
Catholic Church less than two weeks ago at the Vigil - days after Pamela's
surgery. They are desperate for Christ's healing touch, and are seeking the
wisdom of God in all their decisions.

I have taken on their cause and have been committed to asking as many
people as possible to pray for Pamela and her family. Specifically, I am
feeling called to do a novena to St. Gianna (an Italian wife and mother of
three, who discovered a tumor on her uterus during pregnancy with her
fourth baby, and died soon after delivering her.) St. Gianna's feast day is
April 28, so I will be praying April 20-28 specifically for Pamela's
healing. Would you consider joining me in prayer for this dear sister?

I have set up an email notification so that you can sign up to receive the
novena prayer for the nine days. (I promise there will be no more emails
beyond this.) In addition to the prayer there will be a short story either
about the life of St. Gianna, or about Pamela so those of you who don't
know this lovely woman can have a sense of who you're praying for.

If you'd like to sign up, here is the link:

In addition, I will be hosting two opportunities for communal prayer during
the novena. On both Sundays of the novena, April 21 and 28, I am inviting
anyone in the greater Seattle area to come to my home at 2 pm to pray the
novena, followed by a rosary and then to share in tea and cookies. I don't
think this time will be more than one hour, but in my experience when "two
or three gather" there is a deep sense of God's presence as the one who
hears our prayers. So you are invited to come if you like, but of course
attendance is not required to do the novena.

Because I have set this up online, feel free to forward to link to anyone
you know who might also be interested in praying for Pamela. Really, the
more prayer, the better.

Thank you for reading, and being willing to consider joining me in prayer.

In hopes of a miracle!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

{pretty, happy, funny, real} Easter

round button chicken Capturing the context of contentment in everyday living
                                                    Every Thursday at Like Mother, Like Daughter

Good Friday
Our Home-school group kids put together the Passion of Christ. They did a good job. We are very proud of the kids which mostly were 10 and under.

                                       My son is the Roman Soldier next to the flowers.

  The Oldest was Veronica in the purple and the youngest was one of the weeping women in the yellow. (She acts the part very well!)

A Live Oak tree on the church's grounds reminds me so much of Christ, 
His arms wide open, lives forever and so much Alive!!

Easter Sunday at the Farm. 
A friend invited us to their farm for Easter Sunday. We  change before we head out there. Didn't even thing about taking pictures of their Easter Dresses!

I think my son thought we were heading to the beach safari with that outfit.

Getting ready for the egg hunt.

They even hid eggs in the chicken coop. 

She was a bit disappointed in the lack of eggs. 

Now to feast on the eggs!

Than it poured. Can you see the spec of pink? 
That is Dolphingirl running for her life. 
The husband were in the barn eating left over roasted pig with the kids.

Than the rain came and the boys played where else? But the pig pen in a mud feast!

A Glorious Easter Season for all!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Mary's bruise on her face; La Macarena

                                             Our Lady of Hope
La Macarena has a story of the bruise on her face.
One notices a bruise on the right cheek of the life like image. This was not painted by any artist. During one of the Holy Week processions, a drunkard in the crowd shouted insults at Our Lady and finally threw a glass bottle at her, hitting her cheek. It left the bruise that is still visible today. Many artists have tried to repair the damage to the cheek but each time, as soon as the restoration was completed, the bruise would return as if newly made. When the man who committed this terrible offense against the Mother of God became sober, he saw the bruise and repented for his crime. For his penance, he resolved to walk before the statue each Holy Week with chains on his feet and carrying a cross to expiate his sin. 
After his death, his descendants continued this practice. To this day, it is said, a family member continues this act. It is a marvelous example of the reparation of a family for the sin of one of its members. 

Its is amazing how we bruise our Lord and Mother's face with all of our sins. Have mercy on us, Lord, have mercy.

We have now for a few years been watching this unbelievable and breath taking tradition in Seville Spain. One day we'll watch it live in Seville. But for now, online steaming is what we have. Thank goodness.
.Christ Sentenced - Seville
During Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Seville, Spain there are processions in which enormous floats are carried around the streets of Seville by teams of "costaleros" (bearers) followed by hundreds of "nazarenos" (penitents). Many of these floats are religious works of the art that date back as fars as the 17th century, each showing a small part of the Easter story.

These processions each of which takes many hours between leaving its parish at midnight on Good Friday and returning there after following a set route around the city to the Cathedral and back.

Male are the costaleros who carry the float. It's a once in a lifetime honor to do so. The floats may weigh over 20000kg and on average there are 60 costaleros at a time taking turns due to each one is supporting a weight of 50kg for about 8 hours.

In 2004 and 2005 the rain cancel many of these and men were crying in the street knowing that they will never get a chance to be a costaleros. 

Its a beauty of the church to have such traditions that show the world our love for Christ.

Here are few different floats that are used during Holy Week.


We watch it live on here: Yesterday was just amazing!!

Have Fruitful Holy Week!