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Thursday, March 7, 2013

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round button chicken
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It is so much fun to see what types of flowers we are going to get this spring since it will be our first spring in our home in Mississippi. Here is what we have found so far!

I was able to do something to my bathroom that didn't take too much time or money  and I was very happy with it out come.

I got these black picture frames from the dollar store, I had the yellow 7/5 ribbon and than I look through my pictures for when the kids in the bathtub at any ages (of course nothing that would embarrassed them now) that I either had at hand or computer which those I made prints at Walgreen.
Than I took the backs out, hot-glue the ribbons and than I had fun putting them on the wall.


A nice Red Snapper that the kids love to take apart and looked at everything . It was a science class while having dinner all in one.


How many more will die?


Sarah said...

Such a cute idea for decorating a bathroom!

Suki said...

Thanks for linking up! Those flowers are gorgeous. I can't wait for things to bloom around here in the next few weeks.