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Monday, March 18, 2013

From Plain to Pretty under $5

I have been using a Home-management binder where I keep my  life in it. I couldn't find a pretty one that I like without going over too much money for it.  So I had this plain pink one for Walmart at $2.

 Than later on I found this pretty fabric at Walmart for a dollar that was already cut.

I thought I could use it for something. I really like the fabric.  Than I thought, Oh, I can make a cover for my plain binder.  So I did, using  hot-glue and a little bit of pink ribbon since it was just a tab bit short to cover the whole binder.

  I fold the edges where I also hot glue them together.

 I had this hot pink ribbon that I place on the edges on the outside of the binder on both sides.

There you have it. A prettier blinder for less than $5!

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