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Friday, March 22, 2013

The Friday of Our Lady of Sorrow

In some Hispanic cultures, there is this  tradition that the Friday before Palm Sunday is offer to Our Lady of Sorrows for she will soon be in her greatest sorrow as she watches her son die  for our sins.

 We usually  change up our alter or mantle and place a picture of Our Lady, we have a picture of 

We add some flowers and three candles for the Holy Trinity.

On this day last year, the Friday before Palm Sunday, God was very kind with me (in what I call my hardest lent ever) and let me experience some of our Lady's Sorrow of losing her son, as I lost my dearest son Benedicto.  

I headed to the coldest room in my life and waited more than 12 hours to deliver a son who was Deliver to Christ at 3 am March 31st.   He let me have a true experiences of Holy Week that I will never forget.  

Once again, on the 1 year anniversary of this very sad day of my life, it will be  this Easter Sunday, the Most Glorious day of the year! But instead of having the sense of lost, I will have this joyous day knowing that my Benedicto with his brother and sister are truly  living the Glorious Easter with Christ  himself. 

On a side note, while I was pregnant with my son, I wanted to name him Francisco but when we lost him and had to deliver him, we named him, Benedicto. I would of never thought that a year later we would have another Pope and his name would be Francisco. 

Please if you kindly remember to keep me in your prayers this Easter Sunday.

Have a Blessed Palm Sunday!

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