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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Temple of the Holy Spirit: WW

 "Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God?  You are not your own; 20 you were bought at a price.  Therefore honor God with your body," 
 (1 Cor. 6:19-20)
Well, its my first true week .  I found a great resource by Chris Powell called : Reshape the Nation. Very Very useful especially if you haven't read the book.   It just simple:  You have a low day of carbs and next day is a high carbs (the good carbs: not the ugly bad ones..) and than you have SUNDAY: Day of Rest. God really knows what he was talking about by taking Sunday OFF!

It was a challenge  to drink, I mean water drink not the stronger one , a gallon (yes, a gallon ) of H2O .. Water. I have a straw 24 oz cup so I needed to drink 5.5 of those. I usually take a very long slip as I say one Hail Mary every time and before you know it, I have drank a gallon and plus, I have said lots of Hail Marys for our country, our family, our church. You don't lose you only gain (not in weight I hope!)

You see, its not only your body but your soul and mind that makes it so beautiful and holy.  You are a Temple of the Holy Spirit.  So beautiful God has created you, in His Image.. Do everyone good: Love your whole self (body, mind and soul) by taking great care of it. If not one will not be able to help the other.

I have also done 6 days of sweating a river on my dear black machine for 30mins. (actually I went out in the morning  on saturday to do my cardio while everyone slept.).

1st week :  5 reps each reps is 3 minutes of slow :
                            walking, running, biking, swimming, etc..  you get the point.. You have to move the body.
                                               2 minutes of a quicker pace and than 1 minute of quickest pace.   So that comes out to 30mins. You can split it into two 15 mins.

I think the hardest part of it all.. is just getting on, once I am on, I can't seem to stop until time is done.  I have also place a dear picture of my Lord on the Cross on Mrs. Black (my machine). I usually say the Divine Mercy. It seems that it all comes together so well, the sweating, the pain,  His Mercy and His Love.

So this weeks Challenge is

A. Drink, Drink (nothing heavy, I know they are those days) a gallon of water. I dare you, I double dare you to do it.  Let me know if you do and what happens in a week.  That is 7 gallons of water for one week.

B. Move , just move a little or alot . Just walk. walk slow as you have the whole day to do nothing, than walk as you need to make dinner and than walk as if you are chasing that cutie two year old with a black marker. Start for 10minutes and than add another 2 to 5 minutes daily. By the end of this week challenge you will be up to 30 minutes!!

C. Soul Challenge:  Place a cross in your bedside, before you get your feet off and running and before you close your eyes at night: just kiss His Feet and say:  All for His Greater Glory!

If you let me know that you are with me during this transformation :  that  you are up for the challenges and will share, I will put your name in for some great prizes :  such as Chris's book,  gift certificate to some great online stores, and much more. Let's have some fun with it all!

Now lets talk numbers:  (I have to tell you it was very hard not getting on the scale all week long. It makes no sense to go on it daily since your water intake does make it go up and down. ) So when you put your feet on her face (the scale), do it once a week and first thing in the morning of that same day.  Also if you are starting , do your measurements b/c you might lose inches before you might see the pounds go down.

WW: 177
Lost: 2 solid pounds.

Many Blessings to you and your family!

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