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Thursday, October 18, 2012

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

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 {PRETTY}Our new parish in Mississippi. When we moved here, we stop at the church after our closing on the house. This is what we found but it was closed.This is actually the Chapel of the Parish. It was found in the 1800's.

 I love this spot.
A Live Oak Tree.

The chapel got to small for the size of the parish so they decided to make room at the grounds of the close school gym up a mile from the chapel. Now I wish I had taken a picture of the outside. It is very very ugly. At the time that we saw it, we didn't know that was the school's gym. 
I just thought it was an ugly church built in the 60ish or 70ish. 
(I will take a picture next week so you can see what I mean)

I truly learn the lesson of never judge the book by the cover. We'll this is what we found on the inside of that ugly school gym.  Father John had taken pieces of other churches that were being sold (yes, so sad) and has turn this gym into Heaven.  As Father told me, "It was all the work of Lord that all of these came together".

 A beautiful from Italy.
 {Happy}She was sure happy at her last minute throw it together birthday party. She had in her mind the idea that her best-friend from up North was coming to her birthday. When it finally hit her that wasn't going to happen, she asked me a day before her birthday, "What about my co-op friends, Can't they come?"   Honestly, I didn't feel it, to do a "planned party", just us the family. Why, I don't know because it was too hard on me since I miss miss miss my dear friends. But I had to do it for her, really for her so our hearts wouldn't ach so much.
She just loves My Little Pony and pink. (She is my girl!)
Here is what came out of a one day planning and one trip to Dollar Tree/Micheal .
With a bit of pink sprinkles, pony stickers, a pretty and pink decor , and flowers.. we had a lovely time!

{FUNNY}Who would of thought that a snake could make a pretty accessories.

{Real}What a joke. That is really our V.P.   I just kept thinking.. what is really so funny? To think I just moved from his state. I am just glad that finally  my vote will count in this Southern State of Mississippi. 
  (picture taken at home)

May God protect us , guide us, and Bless us!

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teasready said...

Beautiful church, fun party. :)

And welcome to the South. :)