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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Winners are..

First of all, we would like to say thank you all for your lovely comments on our bows! We are very grateful to our fans and customers of all ages, especially those sweet babies!

We added two more prizes to our give - away since there were plenty of entries, we wanted to give more.
We used
The Winners are...
1). Our Blessed Mother Basket Set: Papist Ph.D.

2.) Our Blessed Pope John Paul Basket Set = Dessi

3.) Our Lady of Fatima Book Set = Mary A.

4.) Our Blessed Mother Book Set = Noreen

5.) Blessed Pope John Paul Bow with Medals blessed by him are:




Please email us with your mailing address. We will also contact you.
Our 35% off sale ends May 31st!


Gardenia said...

congrats to all the winners. This was a lovely giveaway in homor of the Hairbows 4 Life anniversary!

Tiffany said...

Yay~ Thank you, thank you! I feel so blessed:-)

noreen said...

Wow Cecilia, that is fantastic!! Thank you so much and I cannot wait to see it up close! I so admire what you are doing to protect the unborn. You are a blessing to all of us! I'll email you my address.

noreen said...

Hi Cecilia, I see my previous comment did not make it to your list. I wanted to thank you for your giveaway and I cannot wait to receive the Blessed Mother Book Set. Your generosity and devotion to help the unborn is admirable! It inspires me to want to do more than just pray. I know that's so important but you are DOING something to raise awareness and money for the most vulnerable of our society.

God Bless,
noreen (

Anonymous said...

Hello! I see I won something here! This is great, as I've never actually won anything before. However, I can't find your email address so that I can send you my mailing address ... Am I completely blind?

Cecilia said...

Papistphd, sorry for the delay. I just notice your comment. Our email is . Thanks. Many Blessings.