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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Our Little Flowers-- May Crowning Tea

Yesterday, we had our Little Flower May Crowning Tea.

We set the table for 15 girls, ages from 4 to 18 years old.

I was very bless to have a tree bloom these beautiful pinkish flowers.

One of the moms brought a few St. Therese's goodies, such as bookmark with her medal, a very small statue, a rose petal with a virtue, rose stickers and St. Therese's prayer card.

You can't have a tea party with out tea sandwiches, devil eggs, mini cheesecakes and many more delicious treats.

Sweet girls enjoying a wonderful afternoon with dear friends.
As she crowns Our Lady, (which her crown was made out of flowers from one of the families), the girls sang a beautiful song, Mary of Grace.

Well, while the girls were inside, a dad and his boys cut down a dead tree (my husband help some) and then cut the tree into pieces for wood burning for the winter. It sure was a sight to see the tree fall!
The girls and the moms had a very sweet time.
Our Lady must be proud of these young ladies taking the time and pleasure in honoring her!

May you have a Blessed Month of May!


Tiffany said...

WOW, this is so beautiful, Cecilia. I also wanted to tell you that I received my winning JPII blessed hair bow! We just love it and consider it a true treasure. Thank you so much. Have a blessed summer!

Jessica said...

I just loved seeing these pictures from your Little Flowers May Crowing Tea. What a beautiful day!!

Cecilia said...

Thank you ladies. It was lots of fun. Thank you Jessica for all of your great ideas! Tiffany, I am so glad you like it! You have a Blessed Day!

Holly@A Life-Size Catholic Blog said...

What beautiful children and a wonderful celebration! Laura has sent me over from the “Pay It Forward” blog Meme. I love the idea of your Temple of the Holy Spirit blog too!

Many blessings to you and yours…