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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pretty, Happy, Funny. REAL!!

round button chicken

I have come across this sweet blog Like Mother, Like Daughter and you might have seen this at many other blogs, the Thursday's Linky. Which is so sweet and REAL.

My Our Lady of Guadalupe Statue, my sweet mother-in-law gave us from the Villa in Mexico City. May She protect us and the unborn!

My Kids are happy that their almost 19 year very fun cousin is visiting us from College for 3 weeks. She has lots of energy and just enjoys to be with the kids!

My niece is an art student and just loves to play with colors and acting out. What better audience then her 4 & 2.5 cousin who love to play dress up!

It has rain, all week long from last Saturday.. Did I tell you that it rain all week long? Today, no soccer practice for a little guy that needs to get out! Thank goodness I finally broke down a few weeks ago and bought rain boats! But today, with hail, yes hail, not even the boats could help us!

Share with us your, Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real!


Lisa said...

We've been having a lot of rain, too. I long for the sun! Have fun visiting with your niece.

Gardenia said...

rain is the word here too. and how wonderful that your neice is here. and what a help for you too to have her around for the children. God bless.

noreen said...

Cecilia, the statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe is just beautiful. I haven't seen this one yet. I posted recently a hideous blasphemous photo that an "artist" made of Our Lady of Guadalupe at the Oakland Museum of California. I signed a petition of protest and perhaps this artist will realize her mistake.

You can view it by googling the artist Alma Lopez and Our Lady and it'll come right up. It's not a flattering picture of her at all.