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Thursday, June 14, 2012

{pretty, happy, real, funny}

round button chicken

 Our Flowers finally came out to show their beauty this weekend.


  She dance.


We attend a Stand Up for Religious Freedom event last Friday.
It is so real how the government, little by little will take away our Religious Freedom rights.
It might not been see as horrible as in Mexico's civil war with the Church as seen in the great movie, For Greater Glory but  it might be worst. Why, because its the Catholic themselves that are not living accord to the church's teaching and the government is just following the advices of those Catholics. Can we lose our religious freedom without a fight? 
This is for Real, people. Don't stand by and do nothing!

{ Funny}

This past Sunday was the two oldest girls' dance recital. They only do Classical Ballet (thank God!) and so their costume are always so sweet and pretty. 
However, If you notice below that one tutu is being used by two of my girls..
Well, "S" was not happy that she didn't get to dance on the big stage. (the little ones dance at the school the weekend before hand). When I mean not Happy.. She was not Happy.. I almost missed the whole show due to her reaction and my action!
But I gave in a bit. I told "S" that after the show, when "N" is done, she can wear the costume.
She hold me to it.

                                            "N"                                                        "S"
People were commenting on "oh.. how sweet, she didn't take off her costume.." 
I inform them it wasn't hers to begin with.

 She wasn't happy in the picture below due to the fact, that she didn't get any flowers..
Really... at 3 years old.. Oh brother!


Josie said...

Oh Cecilia, this makes me giggle! The children look precious! Lots of love from the O'Rourkes! xoxo

Dessi said...

I love your family!! I will miss you, please keep blogging so we can still keep in touch!!

Lisa said...

I never saw such lilies with white in the centers of a pink flower! Beautiful. And your other flowers - I mean, your children. Very sweet.