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Monday, June 4, 2012

Crowning Our Mother..

We were blessed this year to have two May Crowning. We had one at the co-op where all girls and boys who had their First Holy Communion could dress up and process to Mary for her crowing.

 Here is my sweet girl in her dress from Mexico and our flowers were from our backyard. It was a beautiful and cool afternoon.

Here is my little guy bring up a flower to Our Mother.


 My two other girls and their best friend decided on their own to bring flowers to Mary. If you look closer to the Our Blessed Mother statue doesn't it seem that she is looking right at them. She must be please to see how they love her.

At our house, we had a May Crowning Tea Party for the Little Flowers and Little Women.

The two youngest girls crowned Our Mother while others sang a sung.

 Afterwards the Little Women served their own mothers and little flowers goodies and wonderful ice teas such as mint, berries and lemon.

These beautiful girls who love Our Mother and their friendship with each other.
 We are going to miss them dearly.

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Roxaline said...

What a gorgeous First Communion Dress! What a very special gift!