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Monday, June 6, 2011

Walk for Their Lives!

Its summer time my friends.. Nice weather, some time for pool, beach, lakes, etc... something to keep you challenge and at the same time give to protect the unborn!

Starting next Sunday, June 12 to August 28, 12 week, its Walk for Their Lives sponsor by Hair Bows 4 Life ... How many miles can you walk to help support the protection of Human Life, those sweet baby feet!

All ages, sizes, colors and faith are welcome to use your feet to walk for theirs!

1.) Let them know you are taking up the Challenge, let everyone you know that you are taking up this challenge.

2.) Have them sponsor you, such as a penny for every mile you walk in these 12 weeks, or a nickle or a flat rate such as $50 for 1, 0000 miles.

3.) Email them at with your location (let us see if we can go all over the map), what type of sponsor $ per mile or flat and what Pro-life organization you will donate.

4.) Record your miles, here is a great weekly log . Check this out: Google Map Pedometer

5.) Every Sunday, comment with your miles, they are giving away great door prizes for your comments. Find the cause on Facebook!

6). They will end it with some great top walkers prizes. (more info on the prizes to come)

So, what are you waiting for ? Put your walking shoes on and start walking!!

Please help pass this challenge along, post it on your blog, email it, put it on face book! Put your feet to the test and see how much you can raise to save!


JOYfilled Family said...

I'm in! I'll email you the details and re-post on my blog.

Cecilia said...

Glad to hear it! Many Blessing for you!