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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pretty, Happy. Funny. Real.

round button chicken


Last Friday, we took my sister-in-law to this
very sweet and beauty garden called Winterthur.


We wanted to take some family photos and kids photo.
I forgot how hard it is to get everyone just looking at the camera.
Thank goodness the weather was very nice and cool!

Leave it to Beaver here to stick his hands through.
It captures his true personality but
I was hoping to capture some nice photos for our mantle at home!

I guess one couldn't have a true photo session
without those lets make funny faces.

Sister love..
One moment you are happy and hugging and than you are not..
These two are very close in age and
the personality are as far apart as can be.
Lord, give me strength!


Bobbi said...

Tee hee...those sisters are SO cute!!

Gardenia said...

I lovelove your blog header photo! It's the best one. i know what you mean about getting a good photo!

Cecilia said...

Thank you Ladies.. Yes, children and photos.. its a love/hate relationship!