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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real!

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Our Sweet Blessed Mother, being admire by sweet young girls during their May Crowning Tea Parties. As I was sitting after the tea party was done, girls running outside, moms finally sitting down. I thought, I never had this in my life. A tea party, I never was given the chance to sit as a young lady and have nice tea sandwich's, some tea all in a sweet dress. That is what I want to give my girls, its not in the things but its in the memories. I do have to say, thanks to a dear friend who loves teas, we have been to a place where they do treat you all to a nice "tea party"


He is so happy because he got to see this today at National Aquarium:


We have great neighbors and for 22 years they have a great Memorial Day party, right next door. They rent a great water slide for the kids, have volleyball, lots of food, drinks, dessert and a great live band. All we have to do is step over the fence and we are there! For about 6 hours and than take the kids home, bath and put them to sleep. Little one slept in the next day to 10:30! (that's more like it!)


We finish our co-op for the summer. Its summer time and the kids are going bored already. I just finish up our summer chart and sign up for the pool and gotten our summer books ready to go!


Dessi said...

Oh, do share your genius chart, please!! You are so god at organizing, charts, keeping a clean house and the rest!! I really admire you:)

Leila said...

Thanks for joining! Your little ones are so sweet!

Laura O in AK said...


What a fun time in your neck of the woods! The kids are getting so big.

I love the new header, too.