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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Autumn Fun

We went on a Hayride with our Homeschooling group past Saturday. It was so nice. One can enjoy the beauty of God's plan in the changing of seasons. Autumn being my favorite, this was a pure treat for the family! It was also very blessing to see such friends together and our children having a great time with other children! God bless them all!

Wow...look at that tractor!

"Yup, I can be Bob the Builder"

Here we go!

Can this be any more fun!

Dad is having a great time as well!

Did you see it another tractor?

Not too sure if this is my cup of tea!

I'm loving it! Cooking my own dinner, hotdogs! Yummy..

(Does the smile say it all!)

A great guy to look up too!

Yes, I am having a great time after all...

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+JMJ+ said...

Sorry to have missed such a great event! You should post these on our group blog.