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Monday, November 24, 2008

1st Club Meeting

We deiced to have a club on Our Lady of Guadalupe. We plan to hold 3 meetings and than finish up with a Procession downtown with a Fiesta on December 12th. Our first meeting was last Thursday and we had a great turn out!

The kids watch the cartoon movie "Juan Diego". Afterwards, I gave them a small lesson on different symbols on the image of St. Juan Diego's tilma.

First, we talk about Our Lady standing on the moon; the symbolism is that of the woman of Rev. 12:1 who has the "moon under her feet". The moon for the Meso-Americans was the god of the night. By standing on the moon, she shows that she is more powerful than the god of darkness.

2nd: The eyes of Our lady of Guadalupe are looking down with humility and compassion. This was a sign to the native people that she was not a god since in their iconography the gods stare straight ahead with their eyes wide open.

3rd: The angel supporting the Lady testifies to her royalty. To the Meso-American Indians only kings,queens and other dignitaries would be carried on the shoulders of someone. The angel is transporting the Lady to the people as a sign that a new age has come.

4th: The mantle of the Lady is blue-green or turquoise. To the native people, this was the color of the gods and of royalty.

5th: The stars on the Lady’s mantle shows that she comes from heaven. She comes as the Queen of Heaven but with the eyes of a humble and loving mother. The stars also are a sign of the supernatural character of the image. The stars on the Lady’s mantle in the image are
exactly as the stars of the winter solstice appeared before dawn on the morning of December 12,

6th: The color of the Madonna’s dress is rose or pale-red. Some have interpreted this as the color of dawn symbolizing the beginning of a new era. Others point to the red as a sign of martyrdom for the faith and divine love.

7th: The gold-encircled cross brooch under the neck of the Lady’s robe is a symbol of sanctity.

8th: The girdle or bow around her waist is a sign of her virginity.

After our lesson here, their craft was to put these signs onto a poster with the picture of Our Lady and having it count to parts of the Tilma. So that the children can recall some of these facts with pictures.

Blondie hard at work!

Than they recreated their own scene of when Our Lady appear to Juan Diego with the miracle of the roses. The kids seem to have a great time!

Princesgirl showing off her creation!

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Laura O said...

Great post about the first club meeting. The boys enjoyed the crafts and it had been a while since they last watched the Juan Diego video. Looking forward to next time (and I'll try to bring my camera as well!)