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Thursday, May 22, 2008

All within A Drive

How many of us have those conversations that goes on all within a drive with our children.

On Monday on our way back from Violin Practice to our friend's house Tricia to pick up my other 2 children, TrainBoy (my son of 2.5yrs) and Blondie (my daughter of 16months)...

Princess Girl (my daughter of 5yrs old) is having this conversation with a friend in the car. They both want a drink. Princess Girl says "we'll get one at my friend's house".."But you have to say "Please" because They are Catholic!"

I couldn't help but laugh and than when you think about it you wonder! How does a 5 year see the differences between those who are Catholic meaning they are due to respect and those who are not catholic are just others. Is it a good thing? To a point.

I did mention to Princess Girl that everyone needs that same politeness as a Catholic, that is why we are Catholic for Christ has shown us that everyone is called to the same love and respect for anyone and everyone can be a Christ!

I am amazed how much you can learn or teach all within a Drive. Please Share any Teaching moments you had all within a drive!

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