Your duty is to sanctify yourself. Yes, even you. Who thinks that this task is only for priests and religious? To everyone, without exception, our Lord said: Be ye perfect, as my heavenly Father is perfect. St. Josemaria

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I am taken away of the beauty of Our Church. I wrote about the lost of my sweet statue of Our Lady of Charity just to let out my feelings of this sort of lost of mine. But what I lost and what I have gain is a true spirit of Our Church. Some of you have share with me your beautiful words , some of you have even given me money towards a new statue of My Mother.

I am so grateful.

On Tuesday, we came home from our co-op to find a beautiful gift in our mailbox. (which I am so glad that the mailman came late, for he had said if he finds anything in the mailbox not having to do with the mail, by law he has to take it to the post office). One of my dear friend gave me a beautiful Charm of Our Lady of Charity and token for Our Lady of Fatima. But what she wrote was very touching. She wrote

" Cecilia, Our Lady is safest , closet to Our Heart."

(hit a necklace charm)

How profound and true is that.

She is safest , closet to Our Heart.

Thank you dear friend, whom didn't say who you are. But I hope you are reading this and truly see how much that meant to me.

Don't we see the beautiful of Our Church. We are true brothers and sister of Christ. We are very bless to have Our Mother Church with us .

God Bless you and your family!

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Gardenia said...

oh that is beautiful! the note, the charm, the sentiment, and Our Church! thanks for sharing. you have some beautiful friendships.