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Friday, January 21, 2011

Does Time Heal all things?

Does time heal all things? I wonder.
It's a year today, that I felt the evil of this country's culture of Death, the effects of Abortion. How?
I was pregnant with my 6 child, I started to have complications. My mid-wife sends me to have an ultrasound. Miss. Ultrasound is as cold as the winter. Nothing but just another lady having a baby. As I did something wrong, as its my fault that I am there taking up her time. I couldn't go with my husband because it was a very last minute get there thing. As I lay there, I knew, I had lost my baby for I have been there before yet far er along. But I just couldn't get over this Miss Ultrasound, her whole attitude.. No words, no look of sorry , nothing... and when its all done..
She turns to me, she turns the tv towards me and says these heart piercing words..
"You see, there is nothing there anymore... Have a Nice day".. And she leaves me.
That is the culture of Death at hand.
They think that they are helping women. How can they if they can't even treat a women with any respect and some kindness. And yes, after an abortion, there is nothing there, that you can see but that women has something. Something in her heart that was just taken. Something so beautiful that the Angels are in awe.
That Something was someone. Someone who God had call to make a difference in this evil world.
God call my Marta for the sake of other babies, that our sufferings can go a long way for this world when We offer it up to God.
Time might not heal all things but God sure does.
Who else knows the real deal of suffering of a child than Our Blessed Mother.
In your hands my Lady, I give you my children.
Lord have Mercy on me and the whole world.


+JMJ+ said...

So sorry you're hurting...

THe world seems upside down, doesn't it? The hypocrisy!

Our Lady of Altagracia, intercede for us!

Gardenia said...

oh Cecilia, my prayers are being offered for you today. bless your heart and your saint in heaven.

Dessi said...

So sorry for your loss...It is hard, i have had two and time heals the pain but the memories are forever!!! With my last one they keep saying" product of conception". The culture of death sure is here but lets pray it is not here to stay!!!