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Monday, May 17, 2010

Water of Love~~

Water for Love...

A young priest for Tanzania, Father Deogratias Malewa, lives and ministers in a place that has no paved roads, no hospitals, no grocery stores. His people (the women) grow the food by using a hoe and their hands. They carry water for their gardens in pots on their heads from a stream that is half mile away. If they get sick or injured, they stay where they are and make the best of it because there is no practical alternative.

Julia Fogassy of Our Father's House, has a goal to raise enough money for him so he can get a rototiller and a vehicle to transport it. That way, gardening will be better for the women and Father will be able to move sick or injured people to the hospital that is in the nearest city--more than 100 miles away.

Father Deogratias will be doing little talks and demonstrations about life in Tanzania, playing games with the children, and telling Tanzanian stories at the Northwest Catholic Family Conference. Hair Bows 4 Life will have a table with Father and 10% of the sales will go to Father and Julia Fogassy efforts to help raise this money. So if you are at the conference stop by and see what they have.

But this is a true example of Christ in our Priest.. and the true meaning of being a Catholic, a universal faith!

May God keep giving him the courage to live out his faith!

If you would like to donate towards Father Deogratias, you may do so at Hair Bows 4 Life website under Water of Love.

May God bless your generosity.

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