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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Outside these walls of mine..

Sometimes, I feel that I am in this little world of mine and really don't think of much more outside these walls. But things happen outside of these walls that I do much have to see and try to understand...

For example, maybe I take homeschooling for granted in the USA for now and you get a look inside others outside the USA and their daily battle for this human right of educating your own children... On one of my yahoo groups.. we had many emails on what is going on in England now and asking many prayers for sure, well, prayers are so powerfully..

Read what one UK homeschooling mother wrote after she had asked us to pray and pray hard for her country!

Here in the UK we've had the most extraordinary 24 hours..Something happened
I had thought never to see; two parties get together and bury tribalism and
work very respectfully towards making an arrangement on common ground to
rule the country. And its the LibDems and the Conservatives.. and they plan
to introduce a Freedom or Great Repeal Bill... to remove some of the scarily
repressive measures introduced by the previous govt..And to cap it all, we
have Michael Gove as Education Minister..who is the Candidate for the job
who was soundest on HE.I am sure there will still be battles ahead, but the
situation is dramatically better than any of us dared to hope even 48 hours

So thanks very much,

warmest wishes,

We may never under estimate the power of PRAYER!

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