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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Escape from Havana..Sadness of the Past..

Well, Thursday night, my father says to me watch this on CNBC at 9pm (they will air it again on May 30/31). I have to tell you it was one of the longest and hardest hour of TV I have ever seen. I saw what my parents saw to the best of the left wing CNBC puts it. My parents were not Padre Pan children, they were married with my oldest brother at 3 months old when they left Cuba. But I got to see it and I was crushed (I honestly told my dad, how can you even see this and he starts to cry and hangs up on me.)

But Its funny, with my little knowledge that I know , I thought that CNBC didn't do justice to these children and gives the US government at that time, Kennedys, etc a hero look which accordly to my father.. was not true.. He was among those to fight against this Castro -Dictator and he tells it in a different way. So I did some search online.. and I came across this great blog and reading post on what others view this tv program and how some of them was real to them as the day they left Cuba ,just brings back the sadness and ache in my heart.

But please do justice and read this (if you like) to get a real sense of the CNBC mess!

As One poster says it well:

May 28th, 2010 at 10:55 PM
Shame, shame, shame on CNBC! As a Pedro Pan who left Cuba on the 10th of October 1962 and who lived three years in a camp in Florida City and then 1 1/2 years in a foster home in Ohio, I must raise my voice against this farse of a "documentary". This was just another form of propaganda using the trials and tribulations of the Cuban children exodus to air a pletora of lies and misinformation. I was one of those children who were going to be sent to Russia for my "education". There was not such a thing as a CIA plot to incite the Cuban parents to start a revolution. The children were being indoctrinated, I was there. The government took away the rights of the parents; private schools were closed, young people were sent to the mountain to "teach" the campesinos reading and writing, the public schools were closed for the duration, and when they reopened, all we were taught was Castro, Castro, Castro, to tell on our parents and friends if they were not pro-Castro and a new version of Cuban history which they shamelessly had changed. We can thank the Kennedys for having to leave our home, family and all that was dear to us to never return to Cuba. We can thank the Catholic Charities and Msgr Walsh for making it possible for us to have a better life and freedom. Those who blame their parents for having sent them "away" should be ashamed of themselves for their ingratitude; and those who believe the embargo should be lifted and sing praises to the conditions in Cuba, should be expelled from this country like true "gusanos" and sent back to Cuba for their disloyalty and falsehood. Again, shame on CNBC!

All I can say really is May God have mercy on Cuba and bring her back to the beauty of the people He created! Please pray for Cuba and USA as we too are on the wrong track and that we are wise enough to stand up and fight for real freedom!

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