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Monday, September 14, 2009

Making it A Home

Well.. Its been a year since we moved to our new house... yet, there is still so much to do... But I am very proud of this some thing that I was able to do in the kitchen.. I can't sew...(not yet, one day I will teach myself..) so I needed curtains for the kitchen window... finally one day at Walmart, I found these rods where you don't have to screw or make holes (which my husband is so happy about!) for $10.. so now I needed curtains..
For the price of these nice curtains.. its great.... However, the kitchen window is small and this package came with valance and two curtains for I believe a larger window.. So what did I do with the other pieces?

I decide to use one to dress up the stove... it needed something..

the other pieced I use to refinish my bulletin boarded that I have on my frig!.. My sister -in-law who is an designer would be proud!
What surprise me the most.(not really) was how much the children, especially my boy really love the new touch to our kitchen.. he would say over and over throughout the day.. wow..thats pretty ..
It makes you think how children really like a nice home..maybe not with the biggest TV or Top of the line sofa, but just pretty touch here and there.. and for sure they like order in their home.. makes them feel safe and loved...
It makes me think back to the Domestic Church...
Our Beautiful Churches..
It makes you feel loved, it makes you love .. and who else but
Christ is that love..
Don't you wish more Churches just show that love for Christ..

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Theresa said...

That looks so nice, Ceci! Good for you!