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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A bit of Change for the Better!

We had started school about two weeks ago.. My dearest friend..had mention to me the Workboxes system by Sue for some time and she started this year with her 5 homeschooled children... and is having a great success so I thought.. humm.. what is it all about it? I read it and I thought sounds good.. Lets do it!

So I went to Dollar Store (great shoe boxes, I was able to get purple tops for PrincessGirl, blue top for Trainboy and white for Blondie..) and few other things at Walmart.. (like the Velcros dots)

So Here is the first day that we used them and it work great... For Princessgirl I used 12 as its in the system...having in there from all her work load of Mother Divine Grace program, to some extra hands on activities, and a Cross craft project...She loves it... She has always been the order, lets get going type of student.. Its so true what Sue says.. they love to see how much work they have to do and when they are working.. they love to see how much they have do and what is left... We were done with school by 2pm which always was later because since I had to stop and take care of the other children, Princessgirl didn't really know what else to do until I came back..
(don't you love those desk? It was given to me by an angel!)
For Trainboy and Blondie.. I did 5 boxes to start.. they are good about playing nice without interrupting us with school work so after they finished with their boxes, they went off to play..
Trainboy really likes it... Again.. children love order and they do need to see what they have to do and whats next...

(We found these color tables at Walmart, I got green for trainboy favorite color, orange for Blondie and purple for princessgirl but that was before I got those great desk tables!!)
(Once they finish, they stack the boxes and still you can see what needs to be done next)
Blondie working hard.. Its so funny but.. Blondie works and talks and talks..and is always turning around to see what others are doing.. its a girl for you..
She loves her boxes!!
I have to say.. our days run smooth..
God bless!


+JMJ+ said...

Enjoyed seeing your sewing and workbox project today.

Congrats on all your successes!

Theresa said...

Sounds like the workboxes are going well for you! Excellent!