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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mom E over at ConservaMom tagged me for this meme. Enjoy!
8 Things I am looking forward to:
1. Heaven.. (doesn't everyone?)
2. Visiting my family
3. Happy Hour with Esposito (husband)
4. Snuggle time with my kids
5. Nice cup of Coffee
6. Next Election
7. Being Debit free
8. The Year of Priest
8 Things I did yesterday:
1. Said my morning prayers
2.Took kids to swimming lesson
3. listen to Princessgirl practice her violin
4. enjoyed a lighting Storm with the family
5. computer
6. read a book.."20 and counting" the duggers
7. watched children chase a wild rabbit.
8. laughed as I watch Trainboy run down the street
in a gray outfit with bright blue rain boots.
8 Things I wish I could do:
1. get up on time
2. be a better wife
3. visit family more often
4. read more books
5. lose the weight
6. visit Rome / Spain
7. play soccer again
8. learn to ballroom dance again
8 Shows I Watch
1. Dora the Exlpora
2. Go Deigo Go
3. Super Why.. (do you see the pattern here!)
4. Fox News..(Fair and Balanced)
5. EWTN (anything for its all good!)
6. CSI: Miami (brings lots of memories of South Florida)
7. Clean House (makes me feel better about how clean my house is!)
8. Mexican Soccer League (spending time with the man!)
8 Tags.(You are it!)
2. Cathi
5.Melissa @ Growing in Grace
7. Joannof10 @ Ten Kids and a Dog


+JMJ+ said...

This was great!

I particularily enjoyed your looking forward to the next election! :)

I too am reading and really enjoying the Duggar book.

Mom E said...

It was so great reading it,it's funny when you read other peoples your like,I should have put that or me too! I definitely agree with you on the next election, I can't come fast enough. Ugh and the weight!! I always start energized to diet at the beginning of the week but then the week takes over...Thanks for sharing, I loved reading it!