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Friday, April 24, 2009

A City in Danger!

There is reporting from Los Angeles and Mexico City -- A strain of swine flu forced Mexico City authorities today to close schools throughout the sprawling city of 20 million people and order emergency health measures in an attempt to contain the disease.

Please pray for Mexico. My husband has family there including his mother and sister. His sister reports that its pretty freighting. They have cancel soccer matches (which that is big for Mexico City), movie theaters and school all for next week. She says that even offices are closing.
Thank you for your prayers!


Mom E said...

It is very scary what is happening there. I too have family there including a cousin who after 2 stillbirthds finally gave birth to a baby boy who unfortunatly is in the hospital for an infection. I will definitley keep your family in my prayers..My goodness you are right..the more I read your blog the more I see myself!!

Cecilia said...

wow.. Mom E.. I will for sure pray for your cousin's baby boy! May Our Blessed Mother protect him!