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Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Winter Walk!

It all started with baby num's napping in the morning..that we say..let's go for a winter walk in the back!

A Blondie meltdown before we even went out! Keep your eyes on "Dora"!

Princess was readly to go!

Smiles once again! Still holding on to Dora!

Oh, no. Dora fell!

Its ok..Mama will get Dora once again!

A Snow fight is in the air.

Into the woods...
This is so much fun! I have been waiting all winter for this!
"Who says..this is so much fun??"

Follow the leader!

"Did you say Bears?"
"Bears? I am holding onto Dora, just in case!"

Don't drop her, don't drop her...

Tracks? Bear Tracks?
I am out of here!!
"Lets get out of here, Dora!"<
Its just a deer track!
Just don't look back..Heading Home!

Home Sweet Home!


Dessi said...

Wow, you are adventouros people!!!

+JMJ+ said...

How adorable!

I think those woods are going to see a lot more of you.