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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Its my honor to be called his Daughter!

Today is my Father's "Papi" Birthday! I just noticed today (I am slow learner) that on his birthday is also St. Thomas Moore.. As I thinking about it, they are very much alike. My father decided that it was better to leave his beloved country, to leave his family and friends, to leave his possession and his newly profession all for the sake of his love..

His faith..

Cuba at that time was just taken over by Castro (50years in Jan.). He has told us some stories and I bet you that many more are missing but its too painful for him to retell them. One that I remember is that he would say that they were search every time they went to mass, even daily mass and he said.. my faith is my life, if no faith than no life in Cuba..

I recall how St.Thomas didn't give away his faith either, They both are wonderful fathers, honest and hard working professionals and in my eyes.. Saints!

Thank you Papi.. For all you have done but most of all of your faith that you have shown me to live it at any price!


Dessi said...

oh..that makes me cry. i am very emotional when it come to immigration, i left my home country 10 years ago and in the process i found God and the Catholic Church!!! life is hard as an immigrant my feet are here but my heart is there!! God bless your father !!!

Regina said...

what an amazing testament your father is! may God bless him!

Ed said...

His story is absolutely amazing. I think I read more about him somewhere,...

He is truly a wonderful man.

Ceci, I just LOVE the picture you chose for your header. Just wonderful.
Love you!