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Thursday, October 2, 2008

What is your Angel's Name?

Today, as many know is the Feast of the Guardian Angel. My parents taught us to see our Guardian Angel as real as our best friends. (which they are). They said, talk to your guardian angel at all times, in times of need or time of joy. Remember the custom my mother had in search of a good parking spot, to pray to our Guardian Angel and sure enough.. open up a spot. I also recall my parents telling us to pray to the Guardian Angel of another person, to help in any situations.

My Guardian Angel.... I know that my Guardian Angel is named Malcolm. He is a very tall, black, and good looking... (just picture Micheal Jordan) Angel. Where did I get this, of course from my Guardian Angel.

One story that I have of my Guardian Angel, that will never leave my mind and heart ...

One day as a college student out in St.Louis, I was walking back from the bookstore downtown from a small town called Clinton, , (at that time, I walk everywhere due to no car but due to it was just easy to catch a bus here or there) and it was getting a bit dark and I just wanted to get inside my room, I always talk to my Malcolm, especially when walking to make sure I was being safe, and this evening wasn't different, I talk to him, asking him to protect me and before you know it I was safe and sound in my room. I didn't think much of this since I do it all the time..

Until..... next morning at breakfast, a friend of mine, says to me... "Hey... I saw you yesterday walking ..., Who is that tall Black man you were talking to on your way home?".. as you can imagine.. I was a bit shock and all I could say was a Great blessed friend!"

So... What is your Guardian Angel's Name?


+JMJ+ said...

Wow! Will you ask Malcolm who mine is and what they look like? :)

Melissa from MN said...

What an awesome story. Mine is names Rachel. I don't know what she looks like, but I know she's here. I definately know my husband has a Guardian Angel, or he certainly wouldn't be alive today.

In the past year or so my daughter told us her angel's name all out of her own thoughts: Arilla. She says she is very purply with sparkly purple wings, purple gown and even her eyes. She is very adamant about this at 6 years old.

I found this info about the name:
Orilla, is Spanish for the water’s edge or shore. “Shore is the edge of a body of water that can be large, as the seashore, or small, as in the case of rivers. The term refers to the area of land closest to the ocean, sea, lake, river or creek. “

Aurelia, originally meaning "golden" in Latin.

Aurelia, a hymn tune for "The Church's One Foundation" by Samuel Sebastian Wesley

This info is still so new to us, I am not sure if it could mean something or not?

Theresa said...

Great story, Ceci!

Cecilia said...

melissa.. Whats great about your daughter. I bet there is great meaning to her angel's name!

Kathy said...

My Clare has St. Micheal asHer s. I know somw people will say she can not have hime because he is an Arch angel but since she was about 3 this is whom she has named. So I have told her the with such a powerful angel like St. Micheal that God must have something big for her to do with her life. I wonder if anyothers have had such a powerful angel?


Cathi said...

I love this story! Thanks for sharing it Cecilia. My Gabriel has always said that St. Gabriel is his guardian angel and we have had a similar discussion about having archangels as your guardian angel. He insists, and since he is named after the angel Gabriel, who can argue?
His twin brother, Anthony, has always said that his guardian angel is St. Michael. If Gabe can have the Angel Gabriel, why can't Anthony have St. Michael? I didn't argue! :)