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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Be careful what you wish for!

"Be careful what you wish for"

That is what it says under

Cuba got "change" in 1959.

My mother is here visiting from S.Florida, being a Cuban, she says that.. what scares her most of Obama is what she sees in him as she saw in Castro. Look what Castro has done to that once a beautiful Country! Many say, it can't happen here, no way... well, let me tell you it can and to some point it has.. It seems if you are pro-life person, you can't seem to talk about it to everyone without asking you not to talk about it (as the life issues has anything to do with Politcs.. its A MORAL ISSUE!!), if you want to show how Pro-abortion is Obama or anti-American, or even socialist... he is going to take your hard working money and give it to the poor. I feel that people are blind now as they were in Cuba. My parents lived through it, they were against the revolution in Cuba, they couldn't talk to people about it before they were told be quiet, even with their own brothers! My brother wrote a book on it and its so hard to see how they suffer, saw their own friends being taken away and never been seen again..

Everyone say.. this man will bring Change... (talking about Castro here) and he brought change alright! What has that done to Cuba... Please don't say or don't think... that will now happen here... why not?

We killing our own Americans, who never had a choice or voice. Yes, we are in war and yes, those are dear soldiers who are dying for you and me to even be able to write this on a blog without having someone come into my house and take my computer away... God bless them, God love them!

I don't understand how one can be so blind by what this man stands for...

Can't we learn from other countries mistakes!

May God have Mercy on Us!

In the end of it all, no matter how much we will suffer , God always win!

We have what many are missing.. Hope, because Christ over came Death, we can over come anything in Him and with Him..

God bless you and your family!

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+JMJ+ said...


It must be hard for your mother to see it happenning again...twice in one lifetime.


It is faith that will get us through.