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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Its part of Fall...

Can someone point out to me what is wrong with this picture? I will give you a clue... I am a big Miami Dolphin Fan (which by the way has the same recorded now as the Eagles!) who lives in Eagles land and has a husband thinks of this team as the Best of All times!
Let me give you a back around story on football in our home! I grew up in South Florida with 4 brothers and sports is just part of life! The Dolphins were part of our family, especially I grew up with Dan Mario... (I don't have to say anything else there!) My husband is from Mexico where soccer takes over. (Side note-- I am a huge soccer fan, played all my life even college and after college). He wasn't a huge fan of football.
I even remember having an argument before we were married, that I wanted to watch a football game and he says..."I am not going to be watching football... blah blah blah! "

Ok.. here is were I went wrong... I got him into football but for the wrong team...
I have created a monster!
Football in our home is not 1# but it does have a great spirit and fun to it.
Its part of the Fall season and its fun!

Life is about being part of this world but not of this world!



+JMJ+ said...

Don't get them interested in Ice Hockey...if there's not a football game, there's an ice hockey game and more shirts to buy!

Cecilia said...

good advice! Thanks Friend!

Gramma 2 Many said...

Thanks for you commet on my blog this morning. Yes, we are blessed beyond measure and I would never even dream of looking elsewhere. He is the man God chose for me so very many years ago and I am content.
Love the babies, and I agree with =jmj=, don't tell him about hockey!!