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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

¡Viva Cristo Rey! ¡Viva la Virgen de Guadalupe!

Starting on Wednesday, We will be heading off about 7am to a new adventure in Homeschooling... a Co-op... Blessed Jose Luis Academy...

In the light that tomorrow is Mexico's Big Independence Day, Here is a true story of a young boy, who loved his country but loved his Lord even more!

Blessed José Luis Sánchez del Rio was born in Sahuayo, Mexico on March 28, 1913. When he was 13 the Cristero war broke out. Catholic rebels against the anti-Catholic Masonic government escalated their resistance and took up arms. Blessed José Luis’ two older brothers joined the rebels, but he was held back by his mother.
The boy went to the rebel general, Prudencio Mendoza, and begged for an opportunity to give his life for Christ. In the end the general agreed to let him be flag bearer, and off the youngster went to war.
During one battle, the general’s horse was killed, so Blessed José Luis gave him his horse and then headed for cover, where he fired on the enemy until he ran out of ammunition. He was eventually captured by the government forces, who ordered him to renounce his faith.

José Louis remained undeterred.
His captors forced him to witness the execution of one of his fellow Cristeros, thinking that this would frighten him. Instead he exhorted the man to die for Christ, and promised that they would soon meet in heaven.
Unable to break his resolve, the government ordered Blessed José Luis’ execution, and on February 10, 1928 they cut the bottoms of his feet and forced him to walk to a cemetery, all the while tempting him with promises of freedom if he would deny Christ. Through his tears, he refused and continued to walk.
His last words were a shout of “Long live Christ the King!” The government troops fired on him and he fell to the ground mortally wounded. He dipped his hand in his own blood and traced the sign of the Cross on the ground. His enemies fired again, and Blessed José Louis died kissing the cross. He was only 14 years old.

¡Viva Cristo Rey! ¡Viva la Virgen de Guadalupe!


+JMJ+ said...

God bless!

What an exciting time!

Gonzalo said...

He was from Sahuayo Michoacan, very close from where our family is from. Next time we go there we should take the children to see the place where Bl. Jose Luis lived and died.