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Thursday, September 25, 2008

An Actor speaks the truth!

Eduardo Verastegui, famous actor such as the movie "Bella" speaks against Obama! I wish more actors where as brave and strong as this young man. If you would like to view the movie he is talking, do a search on "The Hard Truth". Warning.. its very strong and honestly your stomach may not be able to view it all!

May God protect his actor and Give him the strength to speak for those who can't speak for themself!


Dessi said...

Oh, that was very hard to watch...Thank you vor posting it!!! May God Bless him for his courage and may He use this actor to reach as many people as he can!!!

Therese said...

Wow! That was very powerful! Thank you for sharing it. I stumbled on your blog from +jmj+'s. I will be back!