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Saturday, September 13, 2008

To Kiss or Not To Kiss..

As a little girl maybe about 8 or 10 years old, I recalled once going to a Mass with our Bishops. Afterwards we were going to greet the Bishop and my father telling us "Remember to kiss the ring of the Bishop! Its out of respect and being humble as well. Also seeing it that you are kissing Christ as well." Ever since that day, I never forgot what my father taught me.

This past Thursday, we had a 911 Mass with our new Bishop. We went downstairs to meet and greet the new Bishop and I was very surprise that I didn't see anyone greet the Bishop with a kiss , I most likely missed others doing that but I saw many meet him and of those not one kissed his ring. Than we greeted the Bishop, myself and 3 beautiful little girls, with our Homeschooling Yearbook and I kissed his ring. I might be imagining things but he seem surprised by it.

So my question is... Are you still to kiss the Bishop's ring? What is really behind that tradition?

To Kiss or not to Kiss.. that is the real question!


Dessi said...

I think and believe that you should kiss his ring. love the tradition, when i was eastern orthodox we use to kiss our priest hand every time we went for comunion and confession!!!

+JMJ+ said...

You were right. And as Dessi said it is even appropriate for a priest. For a Bishop there is even and certain knee to bend on and hand to use to grasp his...I remember reading this once online. However, never seeing ANYONE address our former Bishop that way, like a leming I followed.

You, always step forward in bravery. Bravo.

If they understand you are kissing the hands that CONSECRATE and BRING Christ down, when they are to be in persona Christi, then they would not feel unworthy or surprised in misguided modesty. Have our Holy priests and bishops forgotten who they represent?