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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Storm the Heavens for PRAYERS!

Please read the email below from a sister in Christ Lisa (whom I don't know) for another Sister in Chris Pamela who is in great need of your prayers.  Please pass this along, post it, face book it, anything to storm the Heavens for prayers for Pamela and her family!  There is a sign up below to follow to do a Novena to St. Gianna.

Hello friends-

I am writing this email in the hopes of asking you to join me in a special
time of prayer for one of my closest long-term friends, Pamela.

Pamela is a 37 year old wife and stay-at-home mother to three young boys
(Elliot, 6, Finn, 4, and Ethan 19 months). And she is currently about 25
weeks pregnant with baby number 4. She and her husband Erik live in NYC.

About two months ago, Pamela began experiencing severe migraines which her
doctors believed were pregnancy-related. But as they treated her and she
did not improve, they did an MRI only to discover a massive tumor on her
brain. She immediately had surgery to remove as much of the tumor as
possible. Over 90% was removed, but it was impossible to get all of it.
Thankfully, baby came through surgery just fine. Then the pathology report
came-- bringing incredibly heart-wrenching news. Pamela has aggressive,
stage 4 brain cancer. She was given a bleak prognosis of living an average
of 13 months. As devastating as this diagnosis is, it is all the more
complicated by her pregnancy. She cannot begin all of the recommended
treatments immediately, and there are some very difficult (almost
impossible) decisions to make regarding care for baby balanced with her own

In short, Pamela needs a miracle. Both she and Erik are people of deep
faith. Interestingly enough, Erik just came into full communion with the
Catholic Church less than two weeks ago at the Vigil - days after Pamela's
surgery. They are desperate for Christ's healing touch, and are seeking the
wisdom of God in all their decisions.

I have taken on their cause and have been committed to asking as many
people as possible to pray for Pamela and her family. Specifically, I am
feeling called to do a novena to St. Gianna (an Italian wife and mother of
three, who discovered a tumor on her uterus during pregnancy with her
fourth baby, and died soon after delivering her.) St. Gianna's feast day is
April 28, so I will be praying April 20-28 specifically for Pamela's
healing. Would you consider joining me in prayer for this dear sister?

I have set up an email notification so that you can sign up to receive the
novena prayer for the nine days. (I promise there will be no more emails
beyond this.) In addition to the prayer there will be a short story either
about the life of St. Gianna, or about Pamela so those of you who don't
know this lovely woman can have a sense of who you're praying for.

If you'd like to sign up, here is the link:

In addition, I will be hosting two opportunities for communal prayer during
the novena. On both Sundays of the novena, April 21 and 28, I am inviting
anyone in the greater Seattle area to come to my home at 2 pm to pray the
novena, followed by a rosary and then to share in tea and cookies. I don't
think this time will be more than one hour, but in my experience when "two
or three gather" there is a deep sense of God's presence as the one who
hears our prayers. So you are invited to come if you like, but of course
attendance is not required to do the novena.

Because I have set this up online, feel free to forward to link to anyone
you know who might also be interested in praying for Pamela. Really, the
more prayer, the better.

Thank you for reading, and being willing to consider joining me in prayer.

In hopes of a miracle!

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noreen said...

Joining you in prayer Cecilia! May God provide his healing touch to Pamela and heal her brain cancer. May he bestow a miracle on her and her family.