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Thursday, April 4, 2013

{pretty, happy, funny, real} Easter

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Good Friday
Our Home-school group kids put together the Passion of Christ. They did a good job. We are very proud of the kids which mostly were 10 and under.

                                       My son is the Roman Soldier next to the flowers.

  The Oldest was Veronica in the purple and the youngest was one of the weeping women in the yellow. (She acts the part very well!)

A Live Oak tree on the church's grounds reminds me so much of Christ, 
His arms wide open, lives forever and so much Alive!!

Easter Sunday at the Farm. 
A friend invited us to their farm for Easter Sunday. We  change before we head out there. Didn't even thing about taking pictures of their Easter Dresses!

I think my son thought we were heading to the beach safari with that outfit.

Getting ready for the egg hunt.

They even hid eggs in the chicken coop. 

She was a bit disappointed in the lack of eggs. 

Now to feast on the eggs!

Than it poured. Can you see the spec of pink? 
That is Dolphingirl running for her life. 
The husband were in the barn eating left over roasted pig with the kids.

Than the rain came and the boys played where else? But the pig pen in a mud feast!

A Glorious Easter Season for all!

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Erica S. said...

Happy Easter! Great pictures! Looks like a fun time. :)