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Thursday, September 6, 2012

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round button chicken

This past weekend, we went to a wedding on my husband's side in Houston. A very different type of wedding that I use to since there was really no real church but the reception was lots of fun. The bride is from Iran and it seems they have this beautiful tradition of a dessert table across from the cake table. It was very beautiful decorated with all of these beautiful silver pieces. Sadly, they never offer anyone anything from the table and at end of the reception, they eat it themselves.

This guy is always happy and knows how to enjoy a party!


They loved to dance!

 The mother of the Groom, my husband's cousin changed her clothes and came out in a typical traditional Mexican outfit.

ISAAC -- He was so real. 
We were very bless to have no real damage to the house or even lose powder.

The only real scare was watching a tree fall very close to our master bedroom where all the kids and my husband were sleeping. It missed the room by a yard or so.


Meghan said...

My husband is from Pennsylvania, where the wedding tradition includes a cookie table, which is a table offering every different kind of cookie you can imagine and they're to be eaten when you first come into the reception room, before the meal is served you can just help yourself. I love learning of all types of wedding traditions that come from various cultures.

So glad you stayed safe in Isaac.

Leila said...

Well, I don't know about having food you don't offer to your guests!! Who ever heard of that. Hmph!

Love the dancing!

Allison said...

LUVing all your photos, the dancing ones especially and the rain ones have a haunting look.

Gardenia said...

what a lovely reception!! I love the groom's mother's dress. so lovely and traditional and colorful. thank goodness you all are ok from Isaac; those photos show how dangerous that storm was.