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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Weight of My World

I feel that one of the hardest part of losing a child later in the pregnancy is that fact that I have gain at least an extra 20 pounds but no baby to show for it. Does that make sense?

When I was pregnant, I wanted nothing more to show the world my weight was for a greater glory; my son but now the thought of someone thinking that I was pregnant due to my weight gain is enough to make me determine to lose it.

So that is what I am determine. I used to have the other blog about my journey of losing weight some time ago but honestly, I can't keep up with more than one blog. So I am just going to blog about my latest journey of losing this weight on here. So bear with me!

What tools am I going to use?

Well, I rejoin Weight Watchers. Not that I like their points system since I do the filling foods which is mostly anything but bad carbs. But I do like their meetings and seeing these numbers on paper and the challenge of each week to see if I lost something, works for me. So my weight in days are Saturday's at 6:30am but I will post on here on Wednesday, called it Weightless Wednesday.

I will also talk about how I am using my other tools such as:
Catholic Workout on M/W/F and Rosary Workout on T/TH/S

Please feel free to join in and share your thoughts, tools, advices and ups and downs on Weightless Wednesday.

Here is 1st Weightless Wednesday Numbers;

187 .. ouch

Sat: .80 miles of walking
Monday: CW (catholic workout) starting at 5pound weights
Tuesday: 1 mile of walking
Wed. CW starting at 5pound weights.

We'll see how well this week went on Saturday's weight in at WW (weight watchers).

Food Thoughts:
I do very well on a low-carb eating and love the South Beach Diet book and cookbook!
I felt good that on Monday went out for Mexican and had fajitas without tortillas or rice and no dessert and only one glass of margaritas.

I also will try to cut down or cut out drinking soda such as diet coke. It just no good for my body!

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