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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy Birthday, St. Philomena

UPDATE: We have winner; 4 is Crazy. God Bless You All!

Today is St. Philomena's birthday!
If you have not read her story, you have to waste no more time and check her out! Her story is amazing and the most amazing part is all the great works she has done from Heaven. She is the only saint to become a saint without knowing much about her life but due to her miracles she has done from Heaven!

Here are a few great sites to visit. We were honor to have met the Msgr. Braschi who runs the Sanctuary of Saint Philomena in Italy and what a holy man, who had great joy in seeing the children and laughing with them!

The Universal Living Rosary Association: If you have not sign up for this, what are you waiting for! You are given a decade that you have to say everyday for the rest of life and the benefits are unbelievable! Check out the connect between the two!

Close to our home there is a beautiful church called St.Philomena where they have a 1st class relic of St. Philomena. We will be heading there tonight for a Extraordinary Form Rite Mass.

So in her honor, I am giving a way a copy of a great book about her, Saint Philomena the Wonder Worker . Just leave a comment.

Have a Blessed Day!


Karen said...

Please enter me in your giveaway. I adopted St. Philomena as my patron saint for the year and I know very little about her. I'm hoping to get to know her better over the course of the year.

4 is crazy said...

With4 daughters, and St. Philomena's devotion to modesty, we have a great devotion to the saint:)

God Bless
St. Philomena pray for us

Dessi said...

Maria loves this saint!!

Mary said...

One of our patron saints!

Mama LD said...

Would love to teach my girls more abuot St. Philomena!

Maria del Carmen Uceda said...

Where on earth could I find a St. Philomena doll for my daughter Ana Maria. She took a lovely picture of St. Philomena to her public school as she wanted her friends to know "her little friend"!