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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Art of theTable -- is it Lost?

We have been hooked on Downtown Abby . We saw the 1st season on Netflix just to catch up to this season, since we didn't know about it. There is so much to say about is show and some much to learn. Here is a great article in our local paper.

But besides all of that, what we have really enjoy is watching the services of the maids, the footman, and Mr. Carson, the Butler. I notice how they take so much pride in the little things of the house and dinner and the dinner table . There was a time where people really did take pride in the little things of a home.

A few months ago, my husband had pick up a book for me called, The Art of the Table. Which my oldest is reading now and very enjoyable and full of knowledge and interesting facts!

But why did this knowledge disappeared? My mother came from money in Cuba, and they did to some degree have this type of life style. She tells of the dinners and her housekeeper did show her the "how to dos" of tables, beds, etc.. But than it stop with her.

I guess a new country, a new culture in the USA, working moms, etc.. threw all that away? And life had to be simple and fast and on the go.

Since God and my husband have given me the opportunity to stay home and having daughters has given me the opportunity to learn the art of the table and to pass that along to my daughters.

This year, we added Little Women Hospitality Problem to our Little Flowers and its a wonderful program for girls and their mothers. This program teaches the virtue of hospitality through classic literature, spiritual insights, the Catholic faith, and hands-on experience. If you have daughters (it says 10 and up but we started at 8 1/2 yrs and up) this is a great catholic programs and even us mothers learn a lot! Our favorite lesson was during Advent and it was the how to set a full table and clear a table.

I was trying to find old pictures of different times we had set the table such as Little Flower Teas, Birthday and Holidays. I found this one from last Easter.

Can you share your pictures of your Art?

God Bless you all!


noreen said...

Hi Cecilia, your pictures are lovely. It is so true that now a days we don't put as much effort into setting a table properly unless it is a major holiday. Then we do but that's all.

Allison said...

Love setting a table, using linens. I should have created a tag on my blog for those pictures, but I have photographed some tablescapes and certainly those at my mother's table. Like you wrote, when she sets a table it is "table art."

Let's recapture that grace.

Gardenia said...

Cecilia, just wanted to let you know, your hairbow site is featured today on Jill Stanek's pro-life website:

I really must check into Downton Abbey, keep reading good things about it!

Cecilia said...

Thanks for letting me know Gardenia.. I have actually met her a few years ago when she talked about her story! You have to check out Downtown Abby!

God Bless!!