Your duty is to sanctify yourself. Yes, even you. Who thinks that this task is only for priests and religious? To everyone, without exception, our Lord said: Be ye perfect, as my heavenly Father is perfect. St. Josemaria

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm wordless, I don't need words, I need Him!

Today, once again, the close encounter to someone taking the life of an innocent child, just makes it all wordless. There just no words to describe the horror feeling of knowing at every day, every second a sweet baby is going to lose their lives that day. I feel so helpless, I feel so angry, I feel so scared. I beg for God's mercy. What do we do, how can we stop it? How do we get them to have a change of heart?

Well, I think, I need a change of heart, a very pure heart so that it shines forth, God's love and only His love and mercy will ever give them a change of heart. Please forgive me for my writing, since I just can't seem to understand lately, this world of ours. I just can't understand why? Why, hind behind our PC's, our facebooks, our children, our sweet life as is , without really see the world as it is for others, those poor innocent children in a very dangerous place, the womb.

I see, well, God lets me see, that I don't have to hide behind anything but that I have so much that I can do in a few simple words: prayer and fast. Do I really know the power behind prayer and fast (not of just foods)? I guess I don't but I am seeing that this moment of my life, that is what God is really calling me, so that I can give up myself, my very selfish self for those innocent hands, reaching out for a change of heart!

May God take all of it, all of my mind, all of my soul and all of being for His greater Glory. I can no longer do it alone, I can no longer hide behind the wall of unknowns. For I know it's there, I see evil and evil is looking at me. Will I turn my head, will I bow my head or will I look straight ahead and What will it see? Will they see Christ in me? Will they see His mercy, His love ?

I have no choice, I have no time to waste, for that is what the World needs, to see His love, His mercy, His face in us!

Oh, Mightily God, have Mercy on us and Whole World!

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