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Thursday, June 24, 2010

As the World Watch.. Here we come

You might know by now that I am a big fan of this sport. I played all my life. I love it. And here we are .. 2010 World Cup. Holding on to this spirit of the game.. to this great feeling as an American.. How close we are.. 3 games away from playing in the Final of the World Cup.. Which has never been done before.. But as a proud American who loves our country as much as this game.. might be able to witness this.. we might be able to pull it off. USA is not great in soccer when it comes to the international world such as Brazil, Spain, Etc.. But we have something these country do not.. we have this power to over come great obstacles in our path and move our country forward. You will see this in November .. when we will take our country back.. but it would be great to see it now.. in this great game, we call soccer! This might just give the extra fuel we'll need to wake up those who are sleeping and see how great our nation is and how we need to bring it back for God bless the USA!

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